The Italian Parliament voted to continue military assistance to Ukraine

Italy will continue to support Ukraine

The Italian Parliament has approved a decision that expands the authority to transfer military equipment and other equipment to Ukraine. It is worth noting that out of 260 deputies, 218 voted in favor, while 42 voted against.

At the same time, representatives of the Italian authorities called for more efforts to solve at the negotiating table. This was reported by ANSA.

It is worth noting that a coalition of three parties led by far-right Prime Minister Georgia Maloney unanimously supported the decision.

"The House of Deputies has given the green light to a decree that extends the authorization for the transfer of military vehicles, materials, and equipment to the government of Ukraine," the statement said.

According to Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini, who also supported the decision, Italy should not allow autocracy to destroy the European future. He also called for continued support for Ukraine in its fight against Russia.

He added that more efforts should be made at the negotiating table.

As a reminder, the Italian company Beretta continues to export small arms to Russia through its subsidiary and companies owned by the "armed baron" Mykhailo Khubutia.

Earlier it was reported that the Italian government and its head, Giorgia Meloni, played a leading role in negotiations on the allocation of €50 billion from the European Union to Ukraine. Meloni became the "main actor" in these negotiations and helped convince Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban not to block the decision.

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