In North Macedonia, secret training of Ukrainian military personnel has concluded: what is known

North Macedonia will continue preparing Ukrainian defenders

North Macedonia, the second Balkan country after Romania, has successfully trained the first group of Ukrainian defenders. Information about the training was kept secret for security reasons.

This statement was made by Defense Minister Slovanka Petrovska to the Macedonian national television channel, as reported by BalkanInsight.

According to her, the exercises took place "at facilities owned by the army of the Republic of North Macedonia, as decided by the government."

Simultaneously, the minister did not disclose the nature of the training received by the Ukrainian military or the number of soldiers who have completed or will complete this course.

She added that North Macedonia, a NATO member since 2020, will continue to train Ukrainian defenders throughout 2024 and "as long as it is needed."

This support to our country makes North Macedonia the second Balkan country, after Romania, to provide bases on its territory for training Ukrainian soldiers.

Since the start of the Russian invasion, Romania has offered its bases for hosting instructors from other countries to train Ukrainian soldiers. In November of this year, the country inaugurated a training center for Ukrainian pilots to learn to fly F-16 fighter jets supplied by the West.

Since the commencement of the large-scale war in Ukraine, North Macedonia has sent ten shipments of military aid to Kyiv and is considered one of the most significant equipment suppliers among Ukraine's allies, given its size and population of just under 2 million people.

Earlier, North Macedonia confirmed the transfer of four Su-25 aircraft to Ukraine. However, these can only be used for spare parts. The aircraft in question are four Su-25s that are not airworthy (three single-seat Su-25s and one two-seat Su-25UB).

As OBOZREVATEL previously reported, the Ministry of Defense of North Macedonia handed over T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

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