In Kherson, a girl miraculously survived after an enemy shell fragment hit her in the heart. Video

Doctors saved the life of a child from Kherson

Russian occupants continue to terrorize Kherson residents with constant shelling. Unfortunately, children often suffer from Putin's terrorism.

One of the victims of Russian shelling was three-year-old Mia - a mine fragment hit near the child's heart. This was reported in the "Breakfast with 1+1" TV show.

The girl was wounded near her own home when she was walking with her grandmother to the store. The woman said it was a quiet day, but a moment later she heard a mine whistle and a powerful explosion.

The shell exploded a few meters away from the child and her grandmother. The woman had seconds to react to the danger, fell to the ground and hugged the girl's head with her hands.

Despite this, several fragments of the Russian mine hit the girl. One of them stopped a few millimeters from her heart. The child was rushed to the Kyiv Heart Institute.

Cardiac surgeon Borys Todurov said that the fragment was removed using a special magnet. The operation was complicated because the mine fragment could migrate through the artery due to constant heart contractions.

Today the girl is recovering. Her relatives are grateful to the doctors for the real miracle they performed during the surgery.

As a reminder, during the day on December 23, Russian troops shelled Kherson. In particular, they launched rocket attacks on the city. As a result of the attack, one person was killed, private and apartment buildings, a hospital were damaged, and fires broke out at the places of arrival.

Earlier it became known that the Russian army shelled civilian houses in a village in Kharkiv region. Two civilian men were wounded. Private houses in several settlements of the Kupyansk district were destroyed, and a fire broke out in one of them.

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