"Here is a Ukrainian fig for you": DIU's powerful response to Putin's statement about the "Russian city of Odesa"

The DIU responds to Putin's encroachment on Odesa

The Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has responded to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin's statements that Odesa is a "Russian city." They offered the Kremlin leader a "Ukrainian fig" only.

This gesture was shown to Putin by a representative of the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, Andrii Yusov, who is from this seaside city, during a national TV marathon. He apologized in advance for the "non-television gesture".

''Here is a Ukrainian fig for you'': DIU's powerful response to Putin's statement about the ''Russian city of Odesa''

As a reminder, during a "direct line" with the people on December 14, Putin once again continued assuring Russians that they and Ukrainians are "one people" and that Odesa is a "Russian city." He also claims that Russia has "never spoiled" its relations with Europe.

"The entire southeast of Ukraine has always been pro-Russian because these are historically Russian territories... What does Ukraine have to do with it, it has nothing to do with the Black Sea region. Odesa is a Russian city," the dictator emphasized.

During the "direct line," he also boasted of the "achievements" of the Russian economy, reading off the figures from a sign. According to him, Russia is increasing its GDP, and citizens do not need to fear accelerating inflation, although millions of Russian families have to cut back on spending due to a significant rise in prices. In addition, it turned out that the Kremlin leader either does not know or is lying about how many times utility rates have been raised in Russia, and how many times pensions have been cut off.

As OBOZ.UA reported, when announcing Putin's speech, the Russian media reported that the Kremlin leader had received more than a million and a half questions. Judging by the comments on the network, most Russians are interested in egg prices and "social security system". The network exploded with jokes about this.

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