Germany will provide Ukraine with 180 thousand ammunition under Czech initiative: details

Production of 155-mm shells at the plant. Source: BAE Systems.

The German government has joined the Czech Republic's plan to purchase artillery shells for Ukraine. As part of this plan, the country will provide 180,000 rounds of ammunition to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

This was reported by Reuters. The publication clarified that such assistance will be provided separately from the €478 million package announced last month.

At that time, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced that Ukraine would receive aid for this amount, excluding the Czech initiative.

"Thus, the total cost of both support measures is more than one billion euros," a representative of the German defense ministry said.

According to the ministry, Germany will account for 40% of the Czech initiative. In total, it was supported by 18 countries that allocated money for the implementation of the contracts.

It is worth noting that the Ukrainian army will receive more artillery ammunition earlier than planned. At the initiative of Czech leader Petr Pavel, Prague signed contracts to supply Kyiv with one million artillery shells, paying approximately €1.8 billion. Initially, 800,000 shells were supposed to be delivered by June, but now the date has been changed to April 2024.

"500,000 for the most common caliber (155 mm) and another 300,000 for 122 mm. Eventually, Czech officials found another 200,000," Czech media wrote.

It was also reported that Prague secretly gave Kyiv its last two Soviet-era Mi-24 helicopters. The Czech Republic no longer has such helicopters.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz explained his position on Taurus missiles for Ukraine. He said that the decision not to transfer these cruise missiles to the Ukrainian Armed Forces was due to "the desire to prevent a direct clash between Russia and NATO."

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