"For every hit there will be a response!" Zelensky named the main task of Ukraine. Video

The President named the priority in the work of the state for the next year

One of the key tasks facing Ukraine is for the state to become strong and effective on the battlefield. This is the only way the aggressor state Russia will clearly know that every attack will be met with a powerful and painful response.

And this task can be realized by maximizing the domestic production of weapons and ammunition: this is the real guarantee of Ukraine's independence. This was stated by President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky during the awarding ceremony for employees of the defense industry of Ukraine.

''For every hit there will be a response!'' Zelensky named the main task of Ukraine. Video

According to the Head of State, Ukraine must become strong, as it is a matter of survival for our country.

"Ukraine's task is as clear as possible: we must make our state so strong and effective that Russia feels that every strike will be met by our response. This task can only be accomplished through sufficient domestic arms production. Anyone who provides Ukraine with equipment, shells, and all the necessary weapons provides our state with real political independence," Zelensky said.

The President emphasized that in 2023, the Ukrainian defense industry tripled the production of weapons and equipment compared to the previous year.

"There is a very significant increase in the production of ammunition, in particular for artillery. Ukraine is systematically expanding the production of such extremely necessary items as ammunition for our domestic drones. There are also important results in the production of our missiles. The quantitative and qualitative indicators for missiles are already significantly higher - and will be even higher," Zelensky assured.

The Head of State also noted the constant growth of the share of private companies in the Ukrainian defense sector: only one in five enterprises is now state-owned.

''For every hit there will be a response!'' Zelensky named the main task of Ukraine. Video

"We must use one of the main forces of humanity - the power of entrepreneurship. Without it, it is simply impossible to develop quickly. And it is only right that state-owned companies compete on equal terms with private enterprises - for the sake of quality and for the sake of the speed of our Ukrainian production. We are all on the same team. We all need to win," he added.

Zelensky assured that the state has begun to simplify all procedures - from the import of components to the procedure for approval for operation, and the government, according to him, is already working to secure financing for long-term contracts.

"Special attention is paid to the production of explosives and powders. This issue of specialty chemistry is really extremely complicated, not only for us, but for most of the world... Investments in this area are especially needed and we will increase them," the Head of State said.

''For every hit there will be a response!'' Zelensky named the main task of Ukraine. Video

Zelensky emphasized: "Ukraine is part of the free world. Therefore, it will certainly become part of the collective defense system.

"We have already agreed with some of the world's leading countries and companies on joint production. There will be more such agreements, more integration of our capabilities and global production, production of leading countries. There is a lot of joint work ahead. Design work, technological work, production work," the President promised.

In his speech at the ceremony of awarding state awards to employees of the defense industry of Ukraine, the President thanked each of the 300,000 Ukrainians who work in the production of weapons and ammunition that are critically needed by Ukrainian soldiers at the front line.

''For every hit there will be a response!'' Zelensky named the main task of Ukraine. Video

"I am grateful to each and every one of you - everyone who creates production, who restores enterprises, who works almost around the clock. I thank you for this year and I wish that next year you all - and we with you - will become an even stronger team!" Zelensky emphasized.

To recap, Zelensky called for waiting for the final text of the law on mobilization. This is how he reacted to the discussions that erupted in society after the details of the changes that Ukrainian lawmakers could approve became known.

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