Explosions were heard in occupied Donetsk: first details. Photo and video

Explosions were heard in occupied Donetsk: first details. Photo and video

On November 7, explosions were heard in the temporarily occupied Donetsk. The Russian invaders complained of "shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces".

Preliminary, the city center was hit. Photos of smoke and videos with the sounds of explosions were shared by local residents in online communities (to watch the videos, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Explosion in Donetsk

The aggressor country's propaganda claims that five civilians were allegedly injured. At the same time, the pro-Kremlin RIA news agency acknowledged that there were arrivals in the center. In particular, it referred to Kyivskyi, Kuibyshevskyi, and Budyonovskyi districts.

Donetsk. November 7, 2023
It was restless in Donetsk

RIA News employees, according to the Russian media outlet, allegedly came under fire by accident.

Shelling of Donetsk
Shelling of occupied Donetsk

Pro-Russian local Telegram channels report that several buildings have been damaged.



Donetsk on the map of the front line

As OBOZ.UA wrote:

- "Cotton" also flew to Donetsk on the night of November 1. After midnight, residents heard explosions and powerful detonations.

- In the evening of October 31, a serious fire broke out in Donetsk. The fire engulfed fuel tanks directly on the railroad tracks.

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