Czech Republic reports problems with ammunition for Ukraine: possible delays in deliveries

Supply of ammunition to Ukraine

The Czech company Czechoslovak Group (CSG), one of the largest suppliers of ammunition in Central Europe, has warned of problems with the supply of ammunition to Ukraine. According to the company, due to rising prices and poor quality of the shells, half of them will not be sent to Ukraine as quickly as planned.

This was reported by the Financial Times. CSG owner and CEO Michal Strnad said that the Czech-led initiative to purchase artillery ammunition for Kyiv would begin supplying shells in June.

However, according to him, about 50% of the parts purchased by his company on behalf of the Czech government in Africa and Asia were not of sufficient quality to be shipped to Ukraine without additional processing. For some shells, CSG is forced to add missing components of its production.

"Every week the price goes up, and there are big problems with components. It is not an easy job," Strnad said.

However, he emphasized that the Czech initiative is still "afloat" and CSG is committed to delivering the due portion of the supply.

Strnad added that the war in Ukraine is driving up prices for the limited number of shells available outside the EU, while Europe lacks free ammunition.

He noted that European ammunition manufacturers' orders are booked for the next eight years, depending on the type of parts, even though "we are all increasing capacity." Even in the unlikely event that the war in Ukraine ended now, he said, "we would have to do a huge job of replenishing NATO's strategic stockpiles."

Earlier it was reported that the United States will soon open a plant for the production of 155-millimeter shells, which are needed by the Ukrainian Defense Forces on the battlefield. The company is expected to produce about 30 thousand shells per month.

As reported by OBOZ.UA, the aggressor country Russia produces artillery shells about three times faster than Ukraine's Western allies, and these ammunition cost about four times cheaper. According to the analysis, in 2024 Russia plans to produce or restore 4.5 million rounds of ammunition. At the same time, the United States and European countries plan to produce only 1.3 million shells.

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