Britain and US to provide Ukraine with thousands of AI-controlled drones - Bloomberg

UK and US plan to provide Ukraine with thousands of AI drones

The United Kingdom and the United States plan to send artificial intelligence drones to Ukraine. Top-notch UAVs can help the Ukrainian army attack some Russian targets.

In addition, Western experts are confident that drones will help compensate for the shortage of artillery ammunition. This was reported by Bloomberg.

The United Kingdom is working with countries, including the United States, to provide Ukraine with thousands of new drones with artificial intelligence. We are talking about UAVs that attack enemy targets in swarms and allow for the destruction of several objects in one attack at once.

Western military strategists who are developing this technology believe that it could allow Ukraine to attack certain Russian positions with unmanned systems. The West also predicts that the drones could be sent to Ukraine within a few months. However, they warned that the timeline could be shifted.

It is worth noting that drones are becoming increasingly important in the Russian-Ukrainian war. The terrorist state of Russia has been ramping up its own production of combat drones to support the invasion and has also been receiving significant supplies from its ally Iran.

In turn, Ukraine's coalition of allies has pledged to supply the Ukrainian Armed Forces with 1 million drones within a year, and the military said it used naval drones to destroy a Russian warship in the Black Sea. Analysts also note that the emphasis on drones comes as Ukraine is facing a shortage of artillery, a situation that could become so critical in the coming months that the military may have to decide to focus on a narrower war front.

It should be borne in mind that although the new capabilities of drones do not replace the urgent need for shells, they can help to partially mitigate the shortage of shells and create a new dynamic on the battlefield.

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