An enemy drone crashed and detonated near a house in the Vinnytsia region: details have emerged. Photo

Drone attack in Vinnytsia region
Drone attack in Vinnytsia region

On the night of March 29, an Iranian-made Russian Shahed-136 fell near a private house in the Vinnytsia region and detonated. It happened in the village of Severynivka, Zhmerynka district.

Miraculously, none of the locals were injured. The press service of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service in Vinnytsia region reported the incident.

Village in Vinnytsia region suffered due to fall of Russian kamikaze drone
Explosion in Severynivka

A drone detonation caused damage, including to a house. As of the morning of March 29, 17 houses in the village were without electricity.

"Last night the enemy attacked the Vinnytsia region with drones again... The explosion shattered windows and damaged the building, garage, fence, and gas pipe. The fire was prevented," the SES said.

His son

A psychologist from the State Emergency Service worked with the homeowner and his son at the scene.

Severynivka village on the map

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, on the night and morning of March 29, the occupying army of the Russian Federation launched a new massive air attack on our country. First, the enemy launched kamikaze drones, and then several types of missiles.

The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported the detection of 39 enemy missiles and 60 drones. Air defense forces destroyed 84 out of 99 air targets:

– 17 out of 21 X-101/555 missiles;

– 4 out of 4 Iskander-K missiles;

– 5 out of 9 X-59 missiles;

– 0 out of 2 Iskander-M missiles;

– 0 out of 3 Kinzhal missiles;

– 58 out of 60 UAVs of the Shahed type.

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