Air defense forces shot down 12 missiles and 13 drones during the nighttime Russian attack on Ukraine

Ukrainian air defense repels Russian night attack. Source: Evening Kyiv

On the night of June 22, Russian terrorists staged a massive air attack on Ukraine, launching 16 missiles and 13 Shahed kamikaze drones. Air defense forces destroyed 25 air targets: 12 missiles and 13 Shahed drones.

This was reported by the commander of the Air Force of Ukraine Mykola Oleshchuk on Telegram. He noted that among the targets downed were:

- 7 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles

- 4 Kalibr cruise missiles

- 1 Iskander-K cruise missile

- 13 Shahed-131/136 attack UAVs

In total, the occupiers used 16 missiles of various types and 13 attack UAVs:

- 10 X-101/X-555 cruise missiles from Tu-95 MS strategic aviation aircraft from Saratov region, Russia

- 2 Iskander-K cruise missiles from Crimea

- 4 Kalibr cruise missiles from the Black Sea

- 13 Shahed-131/136 strike UAVs from Primorsko-Akhtarsk in Russa and Balaklava in Crimea.

Air defense forces shot down 12 missiles and 13 drones during the nighttime Russian attack on Ukraine

As a reminder, at night, a group of Russian Tu-95MS strategic bombers launched X-101/X-555 cruise missiles at Ukraine. From 3:30 to 05:06, air raid alert was declared in all regions of the country. At this time, the attack on Ukraine with the use of Shahed-136 kamikaze drones also continued.

In general, Lutsk, some facilities in Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Kyiv, and Vinnytsia regions were under attack.

The head of the Lviv Regional Military Administration, Maksym Kozytskyi, said that the occupiers had attacked a critical energy infrastructure facility in the region, resulting in a fire. The head of the Volyn Regional Military Administration, Yuriy Pohulyayko, noted that enemy air targets were also spotted in the region, and air defense systems were engaged. There is no information about the victims.

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