"Vasyl, why?!" Lomachenko shocked Russians by encroaching on their sacred things

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The video, which the Ukrainian posted, provoked a strong reaction from subscribers from the Russian Federation

Vasyl Lomachenko, former world champion in three weight categories and Olympic boxing champion of 2008 and 2012, posted a post that harshly criticized the Russian Orthodox Church in general and Patriarch Kirill in particular. On his Instagram , Vasiliy posted a short video from the journalist of "First Kozatsky" Lev Klimenko, where Kirill is indirectly called the perpetrator of persecution of the UOC MP.

"The events of the past month are increasingly clear about the growing distance between the UOC and the Russian Orthodox Church. That not yet canonical, but spiritual schism that Kirill laid down with his one-sided words and actions with the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops is growing," the text reads.

The journalist goes on to describe Kirill's sermon, in which he several times emphatically refers to the Ukrainian Orthodox Church as part of the Moscow Patriarchate.

"At a time when representatives of the Ukrainian authorities are trying to find some connections between our Church and Moscow in order to fabricate a pretext for banning the multimillion-dollar denomination, it is hard to get past these words of the patriarch. This is just a gift for the enemies of the UOC," Klymenko claims.


Such a passage of Vasyl, was a surprise to his large army of Russian subscribers, accustomed to the fact that Lomachenko mainly blames the Ukrainian government for the causes of UOC's troubles.

"Vasya, have you started communicating with Trusik again??? It's harmful to mental health!", "They crushed the guy, now someone's tendrils on the screen instead of personal opinion. Well, he wasn't the first...", "Vasyl, why?" - wrote shocked Russians.


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, during the press conference before the fight with Haney our compatriot said that only God can stop the war in Ukraine. In addition, Lomachenko did not say the word "Ukraine" when he said for whom he would fight the American.


Earlier, Lomachenko did not call Russia the aggressor, and also said that he found it difficult to explain the situation. In addition, the Ukrainian remembered how the war started for him, and later refused to condemn Putin and his decision to introduce troops into Ukraine.


Vasya also expressed confidence that many Russians do not support the war, noting that he sees no point in addressing the Kremlin's chief, whom he called the commander-in-chief.


On Feb. 24, the Ukrainian lightweight posted an image of a dove of two joined hands painted in the colors of the Ukrainian and Russian flags.


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