Russia calls ex-Ukrainian Karjakin a stupid nobody for supporting war

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Levitov criticised Karjakin

The Chairman of the Board of the Russian Chess Federation (RCF), Ilya Levitov, has spoken out harshly about the traitor to Ukraine, Sergey Karjakin, who was granted Russian citizenship in 2016. The functionary criticised the former world champion for his statements in support of the war in Ukraine, which negatively affect his colleagues and prevent them from playing under the national flag.

Levitov said this in an interview with the authoritative portal. According to the head of the Russian Chess Federation, Karjakin's statements and activities refute the widespread belief that all chess players are highly intelligent and sharp thinkers.


"I understand everything, you may have a position, but you shouldn't set up other chess players with your statements. And Sergey does this regularly. Karjakin's activities outside of chess are so insignificant that it's not interesting to talk about them. Who is he - the head of the Moscow Region Federation? If he thinks that this is his level, then fine. In my opinion, Sergei is proof that people are wrong when they say that chess players are smart people. Chess players can play chess well, nothing more," Levitov said.

Earlier, FIDE Director General Emil Sutovsky spoke harshly about Sergey Karjakin, saying that he had "become a patriot" of Russia. As a reminder, the chess player fiercely supports the war in Ukraine and is a fan of dictator Vladimir Putin. Karjakin admired how "Russia is fighting nobly, without killing civilians".


As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Sergey Karjakin wrote a denunciation against his Russian teammate Yan Nepomnyashchy for condemning the war in Ukraine

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