"Isolate the inadequate": the coach of the Russian national team after saying "won the fight against three Germans, like in 1945" became a laughing stock on the network

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Russia 25 hockey team head coach Roman Rotenberg turned into a laughingstock on the network for making excuses after another defeat against the Belarus team on the so-called tour. The coach complained about the refereeing and recalled Russia's victory at the 2018 Olympics, comparing it to the surrender of Hitler's Germany, for which he was called inadequate.

"And remember what it was like in the Pyeongchang final in 2018. We took our goalie off then, too, and Ilya Kablukov won the fight in his zone against three Germans at once, just like in 1945. And he gave a pass up top, and there Nikita Gusev scored in a golf shot style. It was an awkward shot. Once in a lifetime, you can score a goal like that!" - Rotenberg said in a commentary for Match TV.


The readers of advised the coach of the national team to see a psychiatrist. They also noted that he was carrying pseudo-patriotism and propaganda.

"What is he talking about? What 45?", "He's such a loser!", "Isolate that inadequate!", "I think this tour will be the last one before the straitjacket", "I remember how Panov played with France in 1999 as Kutuzov played with Napoleon in 1812", "They brought Colombian snow to his training camp again?", "My God, what a cringe, I can't believe it's adults talking and not a fifth grader", "Well... Romka once again confirms that he's fabulous..." - wrote in the comments.


Earlier, the Russia 25 team lost to the Belarus team at the Qazaqstan Hockey Open 2023 tournament. The meeting in Astana ended with a score of 4-7. Rotenberg ridiculously excused himself for this failure.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, Roman Rotenberg complained that rats are "running away" from Russia and also talked about the defeat of Russia in Ukraine.

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