This season, there will be four strains of the flu circulating: doctors have informed about what to prepare for

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Doctors have explained which flu strains pose a threat to Ukrainians

Four strains of influenza will circulate in Ukraine this fall and winter, according to the forecast by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This information was reported by the Lviv Regional Center for Disease Control and Prevention of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on Telegram. The following strains of influenza viruses are expected in Ukraine this season:

- Influenza A/Victoria/4897/2022 (H1N1) pdm09;

- Influenza virus A/Darwin/9/2021 (H3N2);

- Influenza B/Austria/1359417/2021 (B/Victoria lineage);

- Influenza virus B/Phuket/3073/2013 (lineage B/Yamagata).

"These strains will be included in the quadrivalent influenza vaccines that will be used this season. We expect the vaccine to be available in pharmacies," the statement said.

Doctors recommend that people belonging to risk groups be vaccinated against influenza. These groups include individuals aged 60 years and older, children from six months, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases, and individuals in professional risk groups (such as doctors, teachers, military personnel, salespeople, etc.).

This season, there will be four strains of the flu circulating: doctors have informed about what to prepare for

They are advised to get a flu shot to prevent severe complications from the disease, which can even lead to death, as noted by the national immunization portal.

"Flu vaccination is recommended throughout the flu season, which runs from October through May. Influenza vaccination is recommended annually for individuals aged 6 months and older. Individuals who have had influenza in the current or previous epidemics are also advised to be vaccinated with the current season's vaccine," a reminder to Ukrainians stated.

As previously reported by OBOZREVATEL, despite the lifting of the state of emergency related to COVID-19 this summer, Ukraine faces a new infectious disease threat. According to the Ministry of Health, the probability of a measles outbreak in 2023 is extremely high.

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