The countries that least support Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO

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Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO. Source: from open sources

Among all the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Hungary and Slovakia are the least supportive of Ukraine's integration into the European Union and NATO. At the same time, the number of those who would like to see our country in Western institutions has decreased among Slovaks in recent years, while the number of Hungarians has increased.

The largest number of supporters of Ukraine's membership in NATO and the EU is among citizens of Poland and the Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This is stated in the results of the Globsec Trends 2024 study.

In Slovakia, in 2022, 40% of respondents supported Ukraine's accession to the EU and NATO, but now, two years later, only 30% say they support it, the lowest number among all Central and Eastern European countries.

Hungary is not far behind Slovakia: 36% of respondents support Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO or at least one of these organizations. However, given that in 2022 the number was only 23%, Hungarians have made a remarkable leap in two years. However, the most popular position here is still the neutral status of our country: 57% of respondents want Ukraine to maintain it in the future.

Ukraine's membership in NATO, the EU, or both organizations is most supported in Lithuania – 66%. Support for such accession is slightly lower in Poland (64%), Latvia (61%), and Estonia (60%).

At the same time, in Poland, attitudes toward Ukraine's accession to the EU have changed over the past two years: while in 2022, 72% of Poles supported Ukraine's membership in the European Union or in the EU and NATO at the same time, in 2024, only 50% of them did.

"Given the concerns about agricultural imports, the Polish perspective on Ukraine's EU membership is shaped by fears of economic competition. The Poles are concerned that Ukrainian products could destabilize the Polish market," Pawel Terpilowski, a representative of the Polish fact-checking organization Demagog, explained these changes.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA reported on the results of a survey that showed the countries that are most and least afraid of the nuclear threat. The Kremlin's nuclear threats have the greatest impact on citizens of such countries as Italy, Portugal, and Romania. Ukraine, on the other hand, has one of the lowest levels of fear of the nuclear threat.

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