Plastic surgery in Ukraine: which surgeries are the most popular, and important documentation nuances for patients

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Plastic surgery in Ukraine: which surgeries are the most popular, and important documentation nuances for patients

Development of Plastic Surgery in Ukraine

In today's reality, more and more Ukrainians are paying attention to the plastic surgery market. The number of requests from people looking to fulfill their dreams and alter specific aspects of their appearance is increasing every day. Often, Ukrainian medical institutions are the preferred choice for such patients, rather than foreign ones. This preference may be due to differences in the approach to surgeries. Abroad, doctors often do not perform even the simplest tests, which raises concerns among Ukrainian patients.

Furthermore, there is a significant demand not only for aesthetic surgeries but also for reconstructive surgeries, particularly from individuals affected by the aftermath of a full-scale invasion. The level of such surgical interventions in Ukraine has risen significantly, and there are many professional specialists with extensive experience in reconstructive surgery. However, this was not always the case.

Just 5-7 years ago, a significant drawback was the complete lack of academic education in the field of plastic surgery. Consequently, there was no legal regulation governing education in this specialty. Typically, surgeries were performed by doctors from other surgical specialties who had undergone rapid training in plastic surgery. As a result, the quality of surgeries was suboptimal.

Today, the surgical landscape has changed substantially. Specialists have begun using less traumatic techniques that are safer for patients and yield better results. For instance, lipofilling (also known as lipomodeling) is one such method in facial and body plastic surgery. During this procedure, natural filler, fat from a donor part of the patient's body, is used in areas requiring aesthetic enhancement. Just five years ago, this technique received little attention and was met with skepticism from both patients and plastic surgeons. However, lipofilling is now an integral part of most surgical procedures.

Popular Surgeries

Over the years of surgeons' practice in Ukraine, a certain list of operations has gained the highest demand among patients. These include mammoplasty (i.e., breast size correction), rhinoplasty (i.e., nose correction), and blepharoplasty (i.e., eyelid correction). For instance, a recent study on mammoplasty revealed that 94% of patients were satisfied with the results of the surgery. Additionally, another operation worth noting is the deep facelift technique, which has become quite effective in Ukraine and gained popularity over the past year.

A few years ago, there was an attempt to promote certain beauty standards in the public sphere, particularly in the realm of buttocks surgery. This pertained to procedures aimed at increasing the size or altering the shape of the buttocks. Unlike the Brazilian market, such surgeries have not gained significant traction in Ukraine, and there is limited demand for them.

In general, when discussing new plastic surgeries that have emerged in the past 10 years, there have been few if any. Instead, the emphasis has been on improving existing technologies. Plastic surgeons often jest that "if you think you've invented something new, you just haven't read old German textbooks."

Surgical Conditions

To avoid post-operative controversies, it is essential to carefully review the documentation provided by the clinic or surgeon before undergoing surgery. Typically, this includes a basic contract from the clinic and a personalized consent form for the operation, prepared individually by each plastic surgery clinic. The second document outlines all conditions and details necessary to ensure the operation yields the desired results.

In contrast, the situation is somewhat different abroad, as specialists require more comprehensive documentation. The quality of an aesthetic surgery abroad is guaranteed by the doctor rather than the medical institution. Each specialist holds their license to practice. Legal actions may be taken by clients in the event of subpar work, hence foreign specialists must be legally prepared for such circumstances.

The situation differs somewhat abroad, as specialists require more comprehensive documentation. The guarantee of high-quality aesthetic surgery is provided directly by the doctor, not the medical institution. Each specialist has their own practice license. There are cases where clients file lawsuits for poorly executed work. Hence, foreign specialists need to be legally prepared for such scenarios.

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