In Kharkiv, a schoolboy reacted very emotionally to Zelensky's appearance in the classroom and amused the network. Video.

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The boy reacted funny when Volodymyr Zelensky entered the classroom
The boy reacted funny when Volodymyr Zelensky entered the classroom

Ukrainians were amused by the sincere reaction of a child from Kharkiv who saw the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky in his classroom. The boy couldn't hide his surprise and touched the netizens with his emotions.

This happened during the President's visit to the city on November 30, when he visited a school organized at the Universytet metro station. The President shared a video of the event on his Facebook page. The fragment with the child's reaction to Zelensky's appearance is actively shared on social media by bloggers and online communities.

Many children from Kharkiv are forced to study underground due to the constant threat of Russian shelling."I thank the teachers for not letting the war stop you and for continuing to bring knowledge to our children. Thank you to our children for their optimism and love for Ukraine," Zelensky said.

He went to different classrooms where math, English and music lessons were being taught and talked to teachers and students.

The reaction of a schoolboy from Kharkiv.
The boy made us laugh with his emotions

The website of the President's Office says that the head of state also awarded awards and honorary titles to teachers in Kharkiv region. He presented the Order of Princess Olga of the III degree, and also awarded the honorary titles of Honored Education Worker of Ukraine and Honored Teacher of Ukraine.

Photos of the emotional Kharkiv schoolboy can also be found on the OP's website:

Zelensky in Kharkiv
Reaction to the visit of the President of Ukraine
Zelensky at school in the Kharkiv subway

How the metro school works in Kharkiv

Classrooms for children are located at five Kharkiv metro stations: "Universytet, Peremoha, Traktorny Zavod, Metrostroitelnykiv and Akademika Pavlova. There are 105 classes with 2094 pupils in grades 1-11. Classrooms are assigned to 26 lyceums. Children study in two shifts.

At Universitet station, 831 children from 40 classes assigned to 11 institutions attend classes.

Schoolchildren from all over the city are transported to the subway free of charge by buses on 12 routes, accompanied by patrol police. The children are accompanied by escorts.

Kharkiv Metro School
Zelensky saw how a school in the underground works in military Kharkiv

As OBOZ.UA previously reported:

- Almost half of Ukraine's schools, a third of kindergartens and out-of-school educational institutions raised funds from parents and sponsors to finance the preparation of educational institutions for work in the autumn-winter period.

- High school students in Ukraine will be able to choose a profile according to which they will study the subjects they need to enter higher education. In addition, their program will include compulsory subjects.

Only verified information is available on the OBOZ.UA Telegram channel and Viber. Do not fall for fakes!

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