How to slow the aging of the brain: scientists gave 10 simple tips

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Scientists advise on how to slow down brain aging

The human brain begins to change as we age, and by age 60, the frontal lobe and hippocampus, the areas involved in cognitive function and the encoding of new memories, are shrinking. This process is affected in varying degrees by a poor diet, poor sleep, comorbidities, physical activity, and many other factors.

At the same time, scientists claim that compliance with simple, but scientifically proven adjustments will slow the aging of the brain. The Daily Mail reports on 10 of these.

Exercise away from busy roads

Regular exercise is beneficial because it works at a cellular level, increasing the number of mitochondria in brain cells.

But experts advise: If you want the health benefits of exercise, stay away from areas with high levels of pollution.

Ian Madway, a senior lecturer at Imperial College London's School of Public Health, explained this with the example of a study that showed that jogging is good for the brain, but not in a polluted area.

It analyzed data from 8,600 people based on where they lived and how much exercise they did, as well as considering brain health markers. Those who exercised in areas with high levels of air pollution did not benefit from their workouts.

One theory is that tiny nanoparticles of pollution are inhaled and then accumulate in the brain. The second is that environmental pollution leads to systemic inflammation throughout the body, which eventually affects the brain.

"In both cases, these particles are thought to cause oxidative stress, leading to damage to neurons or brain cells," Madway said.

Beware of open fires and wood-burning stoves

The effects of a pollutant such as magnetite nanoparticles are particularly harmful to health, said Barbara Maher, professor of environmental science at Lancaster University .

These iron-rich particles are produced by combustion as well as heat from the friction of vehicle engines or brakes. Magnetite is a catalyst for the formation of compounds that can lead to cell damage or death, the development of Alzheimer's disease.

"Starting an open fire at home is not a good idea, even if your wood stove is well enclosed, as you are releasing dangerous particles into the atmosphere. Studies have shown that dementia rates are higher in countries where the use of home stoves, fireplaces and wood burning in general is very common," the professor emphasized.


Fireplace can potentially be a health hazard

Source: Alt: Stick to two-week mini-diets

As a person grows older, the system that ensures that the cells work properly becomes less efficient, explained cell biologist Nicholas Ktistakis of the Cambridge Research Institute for Biological Sciences(the Babraham Institute).

"In addition, mitochondria ("cellular power plants") can stop working properly and "pump out" harmful molecules called free radicals. According to the scientist, it is possible to help cells get rid of these molecules by fasting, which triggers autophagy, the process of cleaning the body of old, damaged cells and producing new ones.

"But always take a sensible approach to dietary restrictions and discuss it with your doctor before starting any regimen," Ktistakis urged.

Take blood pressure pills

Medications for high blood pressure can help prevent dementia, because they significantly reduce the likelihood of cognitive decline.

"This understanding underlies my own clinical practice, and we recommend that people who come to us with subjective or objective memory changes but no dementia reduce their risks by controlling their own blood pressure," said Gill Livingston, professor of psychiatry in the elderly at University College London, told

Eat red and yellow peppers

Maintaining healthy glial cells is important for a number of brain functions, says Tony Dickenson, professor of neurology, physiology and pharmacology at University College London. They support neurons, or nerve cells, in particular, bringing in nutrients and "removing" waste products.

"If glial cells become inflamed, they can release toxic chemicals that disrupt normal neuronal function. Chronic inflammation in these cells has been linked to problems ranging from depression to dementia," said the specialist.

The causes are unknown, he said, but there are dietary approaches to "calm down" these cells. In this case, plant flavonoids have an anti-inflammatory effect on them, as well as an anti-viral and anti-tumor effect. These are compounds that produce colorful pigments found in red and yellow peppers, purple eggplant and green leafy vegetables.


To slow the aging of the brain, scientists advise eating foods containing plant flavonoids

Source: Alt: Keep an eye on your thyroid

As Stephen Shalet, professor emeritus of endocrinology at Christie's Hospital in Manchester, explained,  a thyroid hormone deficiency, even briefly, can lead to permanent brain damage. The consequences depend not only on the severity, but also on the specific timing and duration of the deficiency.

"There is no way to prevent reduced thyroid activity, but it can be treated with pills that replace the hormones it does not produce itself. If you have symptoms of lethargy or unexplained weight gain, especially if you are a woman in her 40s or 50s, get your thyroid checked," he urged.

Get your hearing checked

Hearing loss is largely unavoidable with age, but many who would benefit from hearing aids do not use them.

Whereas studies show that people with severe hearing loss are five times the risk of developing dementia than those who have good hearing. This may be due to the fact that people with deafness gradually become socially isolated, which is a risk factor for developing dementia.


To slow the aging of the brain, experts advise adhering to certain rules

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"I would advise getting tested as early as possible and starting wearing hearing aids as soon as needed. The earlier a patient gets it fitted, the better it will work, and the more satisfied the person will be with the result," stressed Roni Ganguly, head of the Association of Independent Hearing Professionals and otolaryngologist.

Pay attention to sleep

During sleep, the brain does a deep cleanse - if the "waste" doesn't go away, it can build up over time, forming accumulations of toxic proteins linked to dementia. Seven to nine hours of sleep is as essential to a healthy life as proper nutrition and exercise,, says  Oxford University neuroscientist Russell Foster.

Keep your eyes open at bedtime

"It sounds counterintuitive, but if you want to speed up falling asleep, try lying in bed in the dark with your eyes open," urged Colin Espy, professor of sleep medicine at Oxford University.

It is, he said, part of a technique called "paradoxical intention," which he first described in 1985. It's about resisting sleep rather than trying to force it.

"If people find it difficult to keep their eyes open, we advise them to stay in that state for a few more seconds until they have to give it up-then closing their eyes brings relief. This allows you to discover that the desire to fall asleep is very strong, and to recognize that falling asleep happens naturally," explained the specialist.

Don't neglect separate beds

If your partner snores, you are likely to lose an hour of sleep per night. Studies also show that when one partner moves in his or her sleep, there is a 50% chance that the other partner's sleep will be disturbed.


Try to get a good night's rest.

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"If he snores a lot, check him for obstructive sleep apnea (when the soft tissue in the back of the throat relaxes, temporarily blocking the airway). And consider separate beds, rooms. Sleeping together is not an indicator of the strength of your relationship and can be bad for sleep itself," the scientists stated.

As reported by OBOZREVATEL, experts have identified early symptoms that may indicate a brain tumor. They usually do not manifest all together, and also differ depending on the localization and size of the neoplasm.


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