A state of emergency has been declared in Vinnytsia, and emergency vaccination has begun for those who had contact with individuals infected with hepatitis A

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Enhanced anti-epidemic measures have been implemented in Vinnytsia

Anti-epidemic measures have been intensified in the Vinnytsia region in response to the hepatitis A outbreak, which has been declared a regional emergency. Mobile medical teams have already commenced the emergency vaccination of individuals who have had contact with the infected patients.

Primarily, these individuals include relatives and friends of patients, medical personnel, and emergency medical workers involved in outbreak management, as reported by the Ministry of Health'spress service. Ukraine's Chief State Sanitary Doctor, Ihor Kuzin, pointed out that over two thousand vaccines have been supplied to the region.

The Ministry of Health stressed that vaccination offers reliable immunity protection and an opportunity to halt the disease's spread. Hepatitis A is transmitted to nearby communities through close household contacts. Cases of hepatitis A have been identified in Vinnytsia, Mohyliv-Podilskyi, Khmilnyk, Kalynivka, Haisyn, and Koziyatyn.

Other anti-epidemic measures include a temporary ban on fairs and mass events involving the sale of homemade products, as well as increased monitoring to ensure compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards in both city and regional markets.

As of the morning of October 31, 144 patients remained in infectious diseases departments of medical facilities. 32 adults and 10 children have already been discharged. According to the department, nearly 500 beds have been allocated in regional medical institutions to accommodate patients with hepatitis A.

Earlier today, the Ministry of Health identified potential causes of the hepatitis A outbreak in the Vinnytsia region. The disease could be linked not only to drinking water but also to food. An epidemiological investigation to identify the infection source is ongoing and under investigation.

As previously reported by OBOZ.UA:

- The hepatitis A outbreak in the Vinnytsia region was first reported on October 24. 60 individuals with confirmed hepatitis A diagnoses were hospitalized, including 14 children.

- On October 25, another 100 people were hospitalized with suspected hepatitis A. All the hospitalized individuals reside in different areas of Vinnytsia and its surrounding region.

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