Position of the Global South countries depends on Ukraine's success on the battlefield, - Dmytro Kuleba

Dmytro Kuleba voiced the position of the countries of the Global South on Ukraine

The political dynamics of the Global South's relations with Ukraine largely depends on the situation on the battlefield. When the Ukrainian army has significant success, these states show greater favor to Kyiv.

This was stated by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba at an online briefing for foreign media. He explained why it makes sense for the countries of the Global South to support Ukraine.

"When Ukraine demonstrates significant successes on the battlefield, we see that the countries of the Global South are more inclined to support Ukraine's position. When the situation becomes more stable - in terms of Russia's position - we see that these countries become more "balanced" in their positions," explained Kuleba.

According to him, in this case, "the political dynamics largely depends on the dynamics on the front line."

According to Kuleba, the general message that Ukraine sends to the countries of the Global South is very simple: if Russia wins, these countries will be the first to experience a surge in violence and cross-border aggression in their regions.

That is why it makes sense for them to support Ukraine, Kuleba added.

The minister also noted that the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry is working on organizing a series of visits to Latin American countries, including Brazil. However, Kuleba did not announce the dates of this tour, as they have not yet been agreed upon.

As OBOZ.UA reported, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy held talks with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. During the conversation, he called on India to support the implementation of the Ukrainian peace formula.

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