"Not only Ukraine needs victory": Poroshenko calls on the US to demonstrate leadership

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Petro Poroshenko on the air of the American TV channel CNBC

Petro Poroshenko called on Western partners to speed up the provision of weapons and money for Ukraine.

The leader of the European Solidarity party said this on the air of the American TV channel CNBC, noting that the West, by helping Ukraine, invests in its own security.

Poroshenko also reminded that the Ukrainian army, after the full-scale invasion, contrary to predictions, showed impressive results on the battlefield against the Russian occupiers.

"The victory in the war is necessary not only for Ukraine, but for the whole of Europe, the whole of NATO, the whole free and democratic world," Poroshenko said.

"It will be easier and cheaper for the Western world to give us weapons and money and help us do your job. This war is not only about Ukraine and it is not about helping Ukraine. It is an investment in your own security," Petro Poroshenko emphasized.

"Ukraine has paid the highest price for this - the lives of our heroes. Every week I am at the frontline. I see the positions of Russian troops and heroic Ukrainian soldiers. We need to close the current request of our troops. Because in 2022, it was tanks, and we received them a year late. In 2023, we needed electronic warfare systems and drones, and we are only getting them in 2024. In 2024 we urgently need F-16s, and instead we have no ammunition, we have no tanks, we have no drones. And we don't have F-16s," the fifth president said.

He addressed the Americans: "The greatest military power in the world is the United States. Please show your leadership. Without it, Putin would be stronger, Putin would go further. Because the only language Putin understands is the language of power," Poroshenko said.

"We must always remember that every hour of delay in artillery shells means human lives. The lives of our soldiers and the lives of our civilians. And this is too much and too high a price to pay," the party leader said.

"There is nothing more important than stopping Putin. If we do not stop him in Ukraine, he will appear in NATO countries next year. And this will be a much bigger problem, it will be more expensive," Poroshenko explained.

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