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Ukrainian ambassador is being ignored in China

China continues to ignore Ukrainian diplomat Pavlo Riabikin. In particular, since his arrival in the Chinese capital in the summer of 2023, the diplomat has had only a few meetings.

At the same time, he has made dozens of requests to almost 40 different ministries and municipalities. This was reported by Bloomberg.

At the same time, Russian Ambassador to China Igor Morgulov, who was appointed by dictator Vladimir Putin to work in Beijing in September 2022, described Russian-Chinese relations as "very fruitful." The diplomat boasted that his embassy had organized 27 visits by Russian officials to China at the level of federal minister and above, including the Kremlin's leader.

It is worth noting that the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in response to a question about the lack of meetings between the Ukrainian ambassador and the Russian ambassador, said that "communication channels between China and Ukraine are unimpeded." However, support for Ukraine among the wider diplomatic community in Beijing is mixed.

Recently, Beijing sent Li Hui, China's special envoy for Eurasian affairs, on a European tour. He first arrived in Moscow and then came to Kyiv. The diplomat also plans to visit Poland, Germany, France, and Belgium.

However, there is little hope that his trip will lead to a significant solution to the war, as Beijing's diplomatic and economic support for Russia after the invasion of Ukraine has become a stumbling block in relations with Europe. There is also skepticism about China's 12-point "peace proposal" put forward in February 2023 aimed at ending the war.

To recap, China has reiterated its calls for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine to end the war. The Kremlin will likely continue to use such initiatives to advance its long-standing information operations aimed at obtaining concessions from the West.

Earlier it was reported that on March 7, China's Special Representative for Eurasian Affairs Li Hui visited Ukraine during a diplomatic tour and met with representatives of the Ukrainian authorities. The Chinese delegation also arrived in Kyiv along with the special representative.

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