Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively

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Where to spend the winter for freelancers

At the first frost, almost everyone wants to turn into a bird and fly away to warmer climes. But the question arises: where to go? There are many places on earth where summer never goes away. It is there all year round. But the problem is that these places usually have sky-high prices. It is here that tourists from all over the world run away from winter. Hence the high cost of services and products.

But what should those who cannot afford such expensive resorts do? Of course, they should go to places with low housing and food prices. We will tell you where exactly!

Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively


It is a Latin American country that we associate with dancing, cigars and revolution. Not so long ago, only avid voyagers came here in search of something new and unusual. Today, more and more guests are coming to the island. They choose the Republic for its clean sea, warm climate and very low price tags.

At this time of year, winter also comes here, but it is not as severe as in our country. During this period, the weather is simply perfect. The air temperature warms up to 25 degrees. The water becomes cooler, but not critically so. So you can definitely swim and sunbathe. By the way, in winter it is windy in this region, but without precipitation.

The nature in the country is fabulous, and most importantly, it is safe. You won't find any snakes or insects that pose a threat here.

The country's tourism industry has recently taken off when the government allowed private businesses. In a relatively short period of time, many resorts have appeared in the republic to suit every taste and budget. There are comfortable bungalows, inexpensive huts, and luxurious five-star hotels.

Prices are affordable not only for rent but also for food. Here you can enjoy fresh seafood in abundance. So be sure to order them whenever possible.

Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively


Who said that you only need to go to warm places for the winter? You can choose another option - a comfortable temperature that does not drop below zero. If you don't dream of beaches, but just want to get away from the bitter frosts, this European country will be a great choice.

In December, the thermometer rises to 12-15 degrees. You can't go out in shorts and a T-shirt, but in a light sweater - no problem.

Rental prices here are slightly higher than in Ukraine. But if you rent a house not in popular cities or districts, you can save 1.5-2 times. The situation is the same with food and transportation.

You can settle where it is relatively cool and sometimes go to the southern regions of the country. For example, you can sunbathe on the beaches of Alhavre even in winter. And if your heart desires snow, feel free to head north. Portugal is famous not only for its beaches but also for its mountain resorts.

Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively


It is the most popular place among Ukrainians. People come here to relax, to work, and, of course, to escape from frost and snowstorms. Of course, at this time of year, it also gets fresh. Sometimes there are strong winds, but the weather is generally pleasant and comfortable.

In winter, not only does the temperature drop in this region, but prices also fall, because there are not so many tourists. Yes, there are warm places in the republic where nothing changes. But in most administrative centers, the picture is similar. By the way, December is the off-season, so you can still swim. And even in January, some people don't mind the coolness.

The cost of rent is almost the same as in Ukraine. But groceries and food in restaurants will cost you less. Transportation is also available here. Therefore, you can safely take a taxi and not worry that such a "pleasure" will hit your pocket.

Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively


Ukrainians undeservedly avoid this country in winter. During this period, the country pleases with total price reductions. And besides beach vacations, there is a lot of entertainment for every taste. Therefore, it is worth going here during severe frosts in Ukraine. Especially for those who like ski resorts, because they are cheap compared to ours.

In winter, there is almost no snow in the republic, but it often rains and winds blow. If you still want more warmth, fly to Alanya, Side, Belek, Kemer, and Antalya. These cities are protected from the cold by high mountains.

During the winter, be sure to visit one of the most popular places - Cappadocia, go to Istanbul and go to the thermal springs. In fact, there is a lot of entertainment, the main thing is desire.

As for prices, they are moderate here. Rent is slightly higher than in Ukraine. Groceries rarely differ in price. And the food in restaurants will not cause a shock.

Wintering abroad: top 4 countries where you can spend the winter inexpensively

If you don't like cold and frost, and the thought of snowdrifts makes you break out in a sweat, it's time to travel to another country. Choose your destination, pack your suitcase and fly to a place where you will really feel comfortable.

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