Will ruin any lawn: a mistake made by many summer residents

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The way you care for your lawn depends on whether it's a grass or flower lawn. Source: Created with the help of AI

Although there are still cold snaps, it's safe to say that spring has finally arrived, which means it's time to relax on the lawn. And to make your lawn look as good as possible, you need to avoid mistakes in caring for it.

This is how gardeners warn against mowing the lawn at the wrong time. OBOZ.UA found out exactly what time it is.

If you have a grass lawn

Landscaping experts say that you should cut the grass once a week or two, depending on the weather and, accordingly, the growth rate of the grass. But never mow your lawn when it's wet. This can damage the plants and make the soil too dense.

If it rained on the day you planned to mow the lawn, wait until the grass dries or reschedule. The lawn may look a little unkempt for a while, but you won't have to deal with bald spots and treat damaged grass.

If you have a Moorish lawn

Recently, so-called Moorish lawns have gained popularity. They combine thick grass with low, bright flowers. If you have sown this type of lawn, then the rules for lawn care change radically for you. So in May, it is better to refuse to mow it at all. At this time, most flowering plants are developing and mowing will simply destroy this beauty.

Let the flowers sprout and form buds. Then they will delight you all summer long. And in addition, they will attract pollinating insects to your site. For best results, keep the number of mowings to a minimum. It is better to shorten the grass on such a lawn when all the flowers have faded. Usually, annuals are used for seeding, so after the flowers have faded, you can mow them as well.

Cutting height

If you do decide to use a lawn mower, don't forget to adjust the height of the grass. Too much shortening can cause problems with the lawn, including making it less resistant to drought. It can also cause bald spots.

You can mow the lawn only when the grass grows to 4 cm or more. The height of the cut stems should be from 13 to 25 mm.

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