Why your phone is charging slowly: there are 5 reasons

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Why your phone is charging slowly: there are 5 reasons

You're probably familiar with the situation when you're in a hurry, put your almost dead phone on the charger to quickly replenish the power supply, but it doesn't happen. It causes incredible stress. But what are you doing wrong? Why isn't the phone charging even though it's plugged in? How can you fix it?

According to TechCabal, there are five main reasons for this situation. Check out which one might have happened to you.

You are using the phone while it is charging

A phone that is charging does not lose its functionality, so we often write messages, make calls, or otherwise use the gadget during this time. In principle, this is a perfectly acceptable practice. But it has one drawback: as the battery accumulates charge, it also releases some of it. Accordingly, its replenishment is slower. So, to speed up charging, leave your phone alone. You can even disable some of the functions, such as Wi-Fi or geolocation, to make it even faster.

You forget to check app settings

Although the screen is the biggest energy gobbler, some apps may have settings that can significantly reduce the battery life of the gadget and slow down its charging. For example, after being opened for a short period of time, many Android apps automatically load or run in the background, consuming power. Therefore, check the app settings to control those applications that can work in this mode. And try to keep the screen off while charging.

You are using faulty equipment

Slow charging may be due to a faulty cable or charger. A worn cable transfers power more slowly. Replace it and you'll see the difference right away.

Also, make sure that the port in the charger through which you charge the gadget is in good condition and not clogged with anything. Dust that gets into it can prevent the cable from connecting properly and slow down the charging speed. So wipe the contacts with a thin, lint-free cloth slightly dampened with alcohol. If you notice signs of rust or corrosion on the port, you'll need to replace the charger.

You have chosen a weak power source

Although phones can be charged using USB cables connected to laptops, TVs, or any other compatible devices, they are not actually designed to charge your phone properly. That's why they will transfer energy to it more slowly. So, if you can plug into a wall outlet, you should do so - it's faster and more efficient.

You're using the wrong charging accessories

Sooner or later, the chargers that come with your phone will break down and you'll need to buy a replacement. Try to choose a charger of the same brand as your phone - this is the best option. If this is not possible, make sure that the voltage and current of the device are suitable for your gadget.

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