Why you can't drink tea before bed: an unexpected answer

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Tea can have a stimulating effect, almost like coffee

Almost every coffee drinker knows that you shouldn't drink coffee before bed. That's why many people prefer to drink it in the evening. But nutritionists say it's not a good idea either.

OBOZREVATEL figured out why you shouldn't drink tea at night. And what the health consequences can there be.

Just like coffee, tea contains caffeine, a natural stimulant of the nervous system. Yes, it is somewhat less: coffee contains about 160 mg per cup, black tea - up to 80 mg, and green tea - up to 45 mg. Nevertheless, even this dose can be enough to prevent you from falling asleep easily.

In addition, the drink has a diuretic effect. Drinking a cup of tea at night can make you wake up to go to the bathroom. And even more than once.

The tannin content in tea also interferes with the proper absorption of iron. People with iron deficiency anemia are especially affected by this. And one of the manifestations of this condition is sleep problems.

Nevertheless, it is possible to choose a tea that does not have an exciting effect. Moreover, you can opt for herbal tea, which can even help you fall asleep. First of all, it is chamomile tea or a drink based on lemongrass. Green tea can also be safe if it is not brewed strongly.

In any case, you shouldn't drink tea right before bed. It is better to have it with dinner - 3-4 hours before going to bed.

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