Who is in trouble in the near future: horoscope

Horoscope for all signs. Source: Created with the help of AI

The period from May 22 to 26 will be quite unstable. Some zodiac signs will have to solve complex problems, overcome serious challenges, and deal with constant adversity. The end of May will bring contradictions, conflicts and delays in business.

According to the forecast, you should be careful not to make impulsive decisions. It is important to gain strength before the active celestial transits that will mark the beginning of the busy summer season.


It will be difficult for you to reach an agreement in negotiations. At work, don't waste time talking to lazy people, but get down to business. Your perseverance will be noticed and appreciated. You're likely to receive a bonus at the end of the month.


This week, you'll think about your own comfort and stop constantly paying attention to the opinions of others. At work, don't take on additional responsibilities - there's a risk that no one will appreciate your work. In addition, you should take care of your health. In your personal life, changes related to moving and repairs are likely.


The end of spring will help you renew old acquaintances. Be careful with your words at work, as a stupid remark can ruin harmonious relationships. In your personal life, you'll want to get back a partner who is constantly moving away from you. Astrologers advise you to get rid of old restrictions and create more space for new love.


You can count on happy coincidences this week. At work, make sure that you actually perform more tasks than you were assigned and you will be valued as an employee. Bonuses and promotions are possible. Romantic walks and dates will bring vivid emotions. Single Cancers can start a new relationship.


At work, you won't let yourself be deceived and won't allow anyone to take advantage of your achievements. Don't give in to rash discussions and confidently pursue your goals. Single Leos can start a relationship with online dating.


It is better to approach difficult situations with humor and optimism. At work, you can count on tokens of appreciation, but someone from the team will try to set you up, competing for the favor of the boss. Astrologers also advise you to criticize your partner's shortcomings less and turn a blind eye to their mistakes. Don't skimp on your weekend pleasures.


The end of May won't bring any special worries into your life. At work, keep an eye on your current responsibilities, remembering that not everything can be done quickly. Libras who are in a stable relationship will move to a new stage - life-changing proposals are possible. And single representatives of the sign are unlikely to want to start a new romance during this period. You will devote all your free time to home and family.


You will want to please your partner and do nice things for your surroundings. At work, you will help someone who has just joined the company and cannot cope with their current responsibilities. Astrologers advise married Scorpios to provide their partner with more entertainment and romantic dates. Single representatives of the sign will be looking for vivid impressions.


Expect positive events this week. At work, you will finally be able to talk about serious topics with your bosses. However, you will have to remind some people to fulfill their obligations. Sagittarius women who are in a stable relationship should not impose their opinions on their partner too much. Singles should be more creative when dating.


The beginning of the week will bring unexpected situations. At work, you will have a lot of conversations about changing your responsibilities. In your personal life, you may feel trapped by your partner's pressure. But remember that you have promised more than you can deliver.


This week you will want more experiences and exciting adventures. At work, you'll want to get away from your routine duties and do something completely new that will encourage your mind to think creatively. Single Aquarians will start browsing dating sites and have a good chance of meeting someone special.


The end of spring will encourage important reflections. At work, you'll be able to easily cope with unfulfilled responsibilities and even start new projects. Your partner will try to surprise you with pleasant surprises.

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