White laundry will be like new: only 4 products are needed for perfect washing

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How to whiten bedding without bleach. Source: Created with the help of AI

White bedding looks incredibly neat, stylish and elegant. However, over time, it fades, changes color, and loses its appeal.

Fortunately, there are many ways to make your linen snow-white again. Express told us about the best of them.

One of the main reasons for discoloration of white bedding is the accumulation of grease, sweat, and dead skin cells on the fabric. Also, your sheets can turn gray if you wash them with black or colored clothes.

Most people think that you can only restore white linen to its original appearance with aggressive bleaches, which usually have a bad effect on the textile structure, but this is not the case. There are several natural methods that will cope with dirt just as well.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents, namely citric and ascorbic acid. These compounds can break down dirt that causes discoloration and also have antibacterial properties.

Simply add a little lemon juice during your regular wash cycle or soak the laundry in a mixture of lemon juice and water for at least an hour before washing.

White laundry will be like new: only 4 products are needed for perfect washing

White vinegar

Ordinary kitchen vinegar is an acid, so just like lemon, it can remove stains and restore your laundry to whiteness. It is also a natural fabric softener.

Add a small amount of vinegar during the wash or soak your pillowcases and sheets in a solution of vinegar and water to bring back freshness and color.

Baking soda

A mixture of water and baking soda can whiten white laundry as well as bleach.

Mix four liters of water with one cup of baking soda and soak your laundry in this mixture before washing.

You can also combine the baking soda with vinegar or lemon juice to not only whiten, but also give your laundry an incredible fresh smell.

Ultraviolet radiation

After your clothes are washed, be sure to hang your bedding out in the sun to dry. The sun's rays have natural whitening properties that will also increase the brightness of the fabric.

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