Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

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Where to find the best diving sites

No matter how much you explore the amazing corners of our planet, it will never be enough. Traveling, walking in new cities and diving into unknown cultures is like an addiction.

Speaking of diving, the water world is still virtually unexplored. For example, the world's oceans have been explored by only 2-7%. This is nothing at all. Maybe that's why there have been so many divers lately who are incredibly enthusiastic about exploring new corners of the underwater world. But how do you choose the best place to dive? We have selected some interesting options.

Similan Islands (Thailand)

In general, there are many good diving locations in Thailand, but Similan stands out. It's not only beautiful but also quite a budget option. As soon as you find yourself in the marine environment, your eyes will have a hard time focusing on one of the following things: the variety of colored corals, giant turtles and blue rays. Your brain will be blown away by the beauty of the underwater inhabitants.

By the way, don't be afraid if you see a whale shark. It's a real good luck for divers. Despite its huge size and terrifying appearance, it is safe for people. The "predator" feeds on plankton, filtering them through its gills. Sometimes it swallows small fish and jellyfish but does not react to people.

The visibility in the water of the Similan Islands is from 20 to 50 meters, so they are among the best dive sites not only in Thailand but also around the world.

Important: it is advisable to go there no earlier than November because diving is prohibited in summer and early fall due to the rainy season.

Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Did you know that this coral coastline is the largest on the planet? It can even be seen from space! Of course, it's a sin to hide such beauty from others, so the locals make money from tourism, which brings them about three billion US dollars annually.

These waters are home to nearly 4,000 species of mollusks, 1,500 species of fish, and 350 types of coral. When divers see the underwater world there, their consciousness is turned upside down. It's as if you're in the best 5D movie theater with bright colors, unearthly feelings, and living creatures. There are also great chances to meet a butterfly fish, a parrot fish, a moray eel or a whale.

There are several locations that guidebooks recommend to seabed explorers: Osprey Reef and Lighthouse Bommie. You can come here in any month of the fall as the water temperature almost never drops below 26 °C. But it is better to plan a trip in September when there are fewer annoying jellyfish in the sea.

Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

Cancun (Mexico)

Cancun is a coastal city and a world-famous resort in Mexico's easternmost state, Quintana Roo. However, avid travelers know that the only museum of underwater art in the world is located here. It is visited by about 750 thousand contemporary art lovers every year.

There are 403 sculptures underwater, each of which was cast from a cement mixture suitable for coral growth. You can organize a trip in any season as the comfortable temperature of the Caribbean Sea (not lower than +25°C) always allows divers to see the beauty.

Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

Yucatan Peninsula (Mexico)

Diving here is definitely not suitable for people with a fear of confined spaces and small rooms. The fact is that the region is famous for the largest system of underwater caves on Earth. Ancient Indians called them cenotes and considered these places portals to the afterlife. To appease the higher powers, they threw various jewelry into the abysses of the sea.

However, the daredevils who have the courage to visit the "looking glass" are transported to the realm of elegant stalagmites and amazing scenery. The visibility reaches 85 meters, and the temperature stays within +25°C. However, hurricanes often occur here in September, so start planning your trip around mid-to-late October.

Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

Sipadan Island (Malaysia)

This island is unique in that it is actually the top of an extinct volcano that looks out of the ocean. The area can be easily walked around in 30 minutes, so tourists prefer water walks to hiking. The territory of the region is a nature reserve. No houses can be built here. Moreover, even the flow of tourists is limited: no more than 120 people are allowed in every day. The water usually warms up to +27°C, and the best time to travel is from November to April.

All conditions are created for diving here. By the way, you can meet a turtle on the island more often than other tourists. There are a lot of them here! The depths of Sipidan are also inhabited by barracuda, hammerheads, reef fish and sharks, which hardly react to people.

Where to have fun: the world's best places to dive

Sylphra (Iceland)

Any tour operator can sell a trip to this reef with just one sentence. "Diving between two continents" sounds appealing, doesn't it? The fissure was formed due to the constant movement of tectonic plates. It is part of the Atlantic Rift and a real border between Europe and America. The water here is so clean that you can even drink it.

You won't see any colorful fish here, and the lake temperature warms up to +4°C. However, the gorge with a crystal blue surface will give divers a real aesthetic pleasure.

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