Where the Cossack spirit of Ukrainians lives: a journey through forgotten historical places

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Cossack places in Ukraine

Chyhyryn, Baturyn, Khortytsia - every Ukrainian has heard of these locations. Tourists come here all the time. And no wonder. Everyone should know their history. We offer a selection of unpopular places where you can get to know the lives of famous warriors. We will tell you where to plan your trip.

The Cossack village of Halushkivka

Not far from Petrykivka, famous for its paintings, there is a recently built Cossack settlement. This place was chosen for a reason. The area used to be inhabited by Cossacks. Here they lived, farmed, and built public buildings for general meetings.

This large ethnographic center has been recreated in the village of Hrechane, Dnipro region. In the village, you can not only book an excursion but also stay overnight. It also offers to learn pottery and try to paint your own product using traditional techniques. And where without authentic food. Guests are treated to borsch, dumplings, kulesh, and uzvar.

Where the Cossack spirit of Ukrainians lives: a journey through forgotten historical places

Haidamatsky Yar

This tract repeatedly became a refuge for our great-grandfathers. Ordinary people who were fleeing from the invaders hid here. The Haidamaks, who fought against the enslavement of Ukrainians by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, came here in times of trouble. There were also prominent personalities here. The most famous of them are Ivan Honta and Taras Shevchenko.

This place became special for the poet. Here he fully felt the pain that the forest walls carefully protected. And he transferred it to his poem "The Haidamaks".

This is a unique attraction with untouched flora and fauna, which is steeped in the past. The ravine has bizarre stone sculptures created by nature itself. There are many unexplored caves with underground passages. Some daredevils venture into them in the hope of finding treasure hidden by the Haidamaks. But it is not known whether there is no chest with silver and gold, or whether they are searching badly.

The field of the Battle of Berestets

In the Rivne region, between the villages of Plyasheva and Ostrov, there is another historical and memorial complex dedicated to the Cossacks. It was here that the troops of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and the Polish gentry clashed back in 1651. Unfortunately, the bloody battle ended in defeat for the famous warriors. Then the Cossacks signed a disadvantageous treaty. However, a year later they canceled it with the victory at Batoh.

The center itself began its activities as the Cossack Graves Museum-Reserve. And after Ukraine gained independence, it received the status of a state monument.

It contains unique exhibits of the seventeenth century: cannons, muskets, powder magazine, sabers, leather boots, wallets, bags, battle scythes, etc.

Where the Cossack spirit of Ukrainians lives: a journey through forgotten historical places

Friday Cemetery

One of the oldest Cossack burial grounds is located in Kremenets, Ternopil region. Hundreds of graves appeared here after a difficult battle when the famous warriors stormed the Kremenets Castle. According to legend, many Zaporizhzhia residents died on the battlefield, and their comrades, unfortunately, did not have the strength to bury the dead immediately. The ceremony was postponed to the next day. When the Sich members woke up, their comrades were already resting peacefully in the ground, and white crosses towered over their coffins.

At the cemetery, among other tombstones, 4 stones in the shape of a kobza are of interest. It is still unknown who is buried here.

Where the Cossack spirit of Ukrainians lives: a journey through forgotten historical places

The wells in Subotiv

Another place that few Ukrainians know about. Although it used to be the country residence of Bohdan Khmelnytsky. But that's not the only thing this old village in the Cherkasy region can boast of. Another attraction worth paying attention to is the three wells dug by the Cossacks.

According to folk legends, soldiers with serious injuries got back on their feet thanks to the local water. The Cossacks were surprised by its healing properties, so they dug the wells.

Zalizniak 's oak tree

Ukrainian rebels fighting for their freedom and independence used to gather for a meeting near this giant tree. Under the crown of the thousand-year-old plant, Bohdan Khmelnytsky, Severin Nalyvaiko, Maksym Zalizniak, Pavliuk, and other commanders were preparing their soldiers for battle.

The oak is considered a symbol of invincibility. According to the legend, it was struck by lightning six times, but it survived. Everyone who visits Kholodnyi Yar should come here.

Perhaps these places are not as popular as other Cossack locations. But you should definitely visit them.

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