Where is the lost key? A clever puzzle for the smartest

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A puzzle for the smartest. Source: jagranjosh.com

Puzzles have always been a great way to train your brain. They help not only develop logical thinking but also reduce stress and improve overall concentration.

Recently, visual puzzles have become especially popular. Jagran Josh shared one of them.

Look at the picture and try to find the key that the woman has lost. You have 7 seconds to complete the task.

Where is the lost key? A clever puzzle for the smartest

Only incredibly smart people can quickly cope with this task because it requires not only attention but also the ability to think logically and out of the box.

Optical illusions are intricate scenes that challenge your perception and test your observation skills. They can improve cognitive abilities and stimulate the brain to think creatively.

This is especially important for children and older adults as it can be a way for the former to learn in a playful way, and for the latter to maintain mental health.


  • Be attentive to the details. The key may be small or disguised, so it is important to look at all the details of the picture carefully;
  • Think logically about where a small metallic-colored key could be hidden;
  • Break the image into sections and check each part separately;
  • Don't give up: if you can't find the key right away, you may need to rest or look at the puzzle from a different angle.

Doing such tasks regularly helps improve memory, hone problem-solving skills, and develop logical thinking. Therefore, everyone should find a few minutes a day to practice.

Now let's see the correct answer.

Where is the lost key? A clever puzzle for the smartest

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