When to celebrate Passover: traditions of the Jewish Easter

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It's no secret that every nation has its own unique holidays that reflect their history and culture. Soon, the Jewish community in Ukraine, as well as around the world, will begin celebrating Passover, one of the most important religious holidays.

Passover, like Christian Easter, is celebrated for a whole week. Liga.Net has learned more about the meaning and traditions of this holiday.

Passover, also known as Jewish Easter, traditionally begins on the 14th day of the month of Nisan according to the Jewish calendar. This holiday commemorates the fact that G-d spared Jewish homes during the destruction of the firstborn of Egypt, as well as the exodus of Jews from Egypt and their liberation from 400 years of slavery.

In 2024, Passover will last from Monday evening, April 22 , to Tuesday evening, April 30.

Passover traditions

Passover should be celebrated in a joyful and friendly atmosphere.

The first evening of the week-long holiday is marked by a family meal called the Seder. It is considered the centerpiece of the entire Passover.

During the dinner, the Haggadah is read, a text that tells the story of the Jewish exodus from Egypt, and symbolic dishes are eaten that remind us of the events of that time.

Traditional dishes


This is a piece of meat on the bone. As a rule, chicken wings are used to prepare the dish. It symbolizes the Easter sacrifice that was made in ancient times.


These are ordinary boiled eggs that symbolize the sacrifices that were brought to the Temple on the High Holy Days and eventually eaten during the Seder.

In addition, the egg is also a symbol of mourning, recalling the destroyed Temple.


Bitter herbs that symbolize the bitter life of the Jews in Egypt. Usually horseradish, romaine lettuce, lettuce or chicory are used.


Today, a variety of vegetables and herbs are used to make karpas, including parsley, celery, and boiled potatoes. The dish is reminiscent of freedom, but if you soak it in salt water, it will become a symbol of tears shed during the years of slavery.


This is a mixture of grated apples, dates, nuts, wine, and cinnamon that symbolizes work in slavery, namely the clay from which Jews made bricks in Egypt.


Chazeret or haze is a bitter herbaceous plant. Jews in Eastern Europe had difficulties with food, so they used horseradish instead of lettuce for Passover.

Over time, the tradition of using horseradish spread and became so commonplace that Jews now call horseradish the word Chazeret.

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