When he already has everything: what to get your dad for Father's Day

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Even if your father seems to have everything, you will find a nice gift for him on this list. Source: Created with the help of AI

Finding gifts for Father's Day is almost aways more difficult than for Mother's Day. Men are often brought up not to talk about their desires and needs, and you'll often hear them say, "I don't need anything."

If your father is one of these men, OBOZ.UA has prepared some ideas of what you can buy for the holiday of all fathers to really please yours. Choose with your heart.

Gift box with sweets

Regardless of whether your father has any dietary restrictions or not, you can find a suitable box with something tasty for him. The choice is huge now: sets of delicious beer and snacks (you can also get a glass), coffee or tea sets, boxes of exotic fruits, meat products, or even candies if your dad has a sweet tooth. And the price range of such boxes is huge, so there is something for every budget.


Your dad may either lead a sedentary lifestyle or have a job that involves a lot of physical activity. In any case, he will be pleased with a high-quality massage device. The back gets tense both when sitting and when moving around, so it will be very, very nice to relax it in the evening.


Men, especially older men, often do not pay enough attention to the bags they carry their belongings in, although everyone needs a backpack. It can be used for everyday activities in the city, to store your sports uniform or to take with you on a hike in the forest or mountains. Think about what your father likes to do and choose the right backpack for him. Make sure it is ergonomic and roomy. And certainly stylish.


This item may seem paradoxical, but many men love to cook and have their own signature dish. So give your father something that will help him do it even better. It can be a new meat grill or tools for it, a set of chef's knives, a baking thermometer, or even a high-quality coffee pot. After all, you can always buy an alcohol decanter or a set of glasses. Believe me, even you will benefit from such a gift.

Barbershop certificate

Men like to take care of themselves as much as women. Even if they don't know it yet. So take your dad to an atmospheric barbershop. Show him how pleasant time spent in such a place can be. A new cool haircut or beard care will be a bonus.

Homemade gift from grandchildren

If you have managed to make your dad happy with grandchildren, prepare a memorable gift for him together with them. For example, draw a wall newspaper about how cool he is. Or decorate a plain notebook or T-shirt with little hands and feet prints, turning a simple item into a real family heirloom. Make a movie about your family with your dad as the main character. Use your imagination. And you will see genuine emotions in his eyes.

Charging station

In the face of regular power outages, a charging station that helps keep all your home devices powered up will make anyone happy. At the same time, you will stay in touch with your dad all the time.

Embroidered shirt

An embroidered shirt is the perfect gift for any occasion. Moreover, there is now a huge selection of embroidered shirts for every budget. But, of course, a shirt that you decorate yourself by choosing a pattern that is meaningful to you will be the best.

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