What you need to have in case of power outages in Ukraine: a list has been published

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How Ukrainians can prepare for power outages
How Ukrainians can prepare for power outages

Ukrainians can prepare for possible power outages on their own. In particular, citizens are advised to have a number of things, including power banks and burners.

Such advice was voiced by Yasno. Power engineers have warned that it is advisable to have

  • a power bank (charged);
  • a charging station in the apartment will not hurt;
  • in a private house - a generator + fuel;
  • a burner and several gas cylinders (be sure to check the device's serviceability and comply with the operating standards);
  • several battery-powered LED lamps;
  • a powerful flashlight (suitable for leaving the house when street lighting is not working);
  • reflective stickers for yourself and an LED collar for your dog (to protect you when crossing the road in the dark when the lights are out);
  • thermal underwear and a warm blanket;
  • freeze-dried food and canned goods;
  • a supply of technical and drinking water.

What else is advised to Ukrainians?

  • Always have emergency supplies.
  • Check and update stocks regularly.
  • Always have a plan of action in case of a power outage.
  • Do not use candles without supervision.
  • Keep all the necessary things in a visible place and easily accessible.

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, 2 units at Ukrainian thermal power plants were taken out of service for emergency and routine repairs. However, despite this, the power industry does not plan to carry out scheduled blackouts, as no shortages are expected in the system.

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