What vegetables should be planted in the garden in June: the harvest will be until the fall

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June is a busy time for gardeners. It's time to weed out weeds, huddle potatoes, and take care of quality fertilization. In early summer, it is still possible to plant crops that will produce crops until the fall.

It is important to provide plants with optimal watering and mulch the beds, protecting the root system from the scorching sun. The best mulch is organic – pine bark, grass clippings, etc. What vegetables should be planted in the garden in June – read the OBOZ.UA article.

Asparagus beans

Early varieties of asparagus beans are planted in early summer. They will ripen in about 60 days, but you can eat the pods before they are fully ripe. Within 10 days after the beans are set, the pods become juicy and delicate in taste. Legumes saturate the soil with nitrogen.


In June, you can still plant late-ripening varieties of carrots that are suitable for winter storage. They will ripen in late September or early October. Late crops do not suffer from carrot fly attacks, especially if onions grow in the neighborhood.


Another name for daikon is Japanese radish. It is a crop with a large root vegetable that has a delicate and juicy taste. Daikon ripens in an average of 60-100 days, and mid-season and late varieties are best planted in the second half of June or early July.


In early summer, experienced gardeners advise planting early varieties of white cabbage. This crop has a short ripening period, and it is not suitable for long-term winter storage. Cabbage loves moisture, so it should be watered at the rate of 2 liters of water per plant. It is also worth regularly weeding and loosening the soil not only at the roots but also between the rows – this will contribute to better air penetration to the root system.

Chinese cabbage

If you want to grow Chinese cabbage for storage and consumption in the fall, you should plant it in the beds in June and early July. The plant needs a lot of free space. Experts say that the distance between plantings should be at least 35-45 cm. Watering and weeding the soil should be done regularly to allow better oxygen penetration to the root system. Chinese cabbage does not like waterlogging – it will immediately lead to diseases.


Kohlrabi is a plant with a thick spherical stem that looks and tastes like a turnip. It takes an average of 65-75 days to ripen. Kohlrabi can be planted in several stages and harvested throughout the season. This crop loves the sun, so it is better to avoid shaded areas where drafts often blow.


June is an ideal month for planting onions on greens. You can enjoy young greens and get a vitamin boost during the summer. It is worth remembering the rules of good neighborliness. It is better to plant onions near carrots: carrots will drive away onion flies, and onions will protect them from carrot flies. Beets, cucumber, and lettuce will also be good neighbors.


In early summer, you can plant cucumbers. They will definitely have time to take root well and will delight you with a generous harvest by the fall. Cucumbers are best planted in the beds where onions, herbs, potatoes, and spinach are used to grow. After pumpkins, watermelons, zucchini, squash, melons, cucumbers may not grow well.

Pumpkins and zucchini

These are quite unpretentious crops that only need good light and sufficient moisture. Early varieties of zucchini will yield a harvest in 30-35 days. Pumpkins have an average ripening period of 110-120 days, but there are also early varieties that will ripen in 60-80 days.


Early beet varieties ripen in 80-100 days. It is better to choose sunny places in the garden and take care of high-quality regular loosening.


Early tomatoes will ripen in 90-100 days. Tomatoes should be watered at the root, avoiding getting water on the leaves. Waterlogging can lead to fungal diseases.

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