What toys should never be given to children for the New Year: Doctor's opinion

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These gifts can cause serious harm to a child

There are only a few days left until Christmas and New Year, but there is still time to take care of good gifts for your family and friends. In particular, think about making sure that presents for children are not only fun but also safe.

Megan Martin, an emergency room doctor, shared her advice on TikTok. She works in a hospital in Florida and has four children, so she knows what can be dangerous for a child.

Anything with a battery-pill

According to Dr. Martin, despite the fact that these batteries are covered with a screwed-on lid, they usually use cheap bolts that break easily, so a child can take out this small object and swallow or stick it in their airway. "They can literally kill children and they do it every year," she explained.

Hydrogel balls

These sensory toys can be placed in water, where they increase in size. These toys are called sensory toys and are believed to develop motor skills. But their danger lies in the fact that if swallowed, they can cause intestinal obstruction in a child, which is a fatal risk. By the way, pets can also suffer greatly from them.

Electric scooters

It is believed that such a gift can be given to a child aged 8 or older. But riding a scooter carries a risk of breaking a bone. Children have poor control over the speed they develop, often fall and get injured, so the doctor advised to postpone the gift of a scooter until the child's level of self-control is appropriate.


"We see so many injuries on gyroboards right after Christmas," Dr. Martin said very emotionally. "Most often, children break their forearms, elbows, and bruise their heads. This object can also cause a fire. Therefore, she does not advise giving such electric vehicles to children for the holidays, no matter how much they dream of it.


The doctor admitted that she hates trampolines because they keep the orthopedic team at her hospital's emergency department busy. It doesn't matter if the trampoline is surrounded by a safety net or dug into the ground, most of the injuries she sees are sustained by children on trampolines.

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