What to see at cinemas on the last weekend of 2023

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What to see at cinemas on New Year's Eve 2024. Source: IMDb, Unsplash

On this weekend, Ukraine will celebrate the year 2024. And of course, the New Year's holiday season is not complete without the traditional hustle and bustle of careful preparation, cleaning, cooking, and choosing gifts.

However, it will definitely not be superfluous to slow down a little and spend time with pleasure. OBOZ.UA has collected 6 movies that you can watch this weekend in the cinema and recharge your batteries.

The wonderful world of sweets in Wonka

A remake of the beloved movie based on the story of the main character of the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The movie will demonstrate the formation of the greatest chocolate master. Bright colors will transport viewers to the world of Willy Wonka, where goodness and sincere ambition always triumph over evil.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom will show superhero adventures underwater

It's not the first time Black Manta has tried to take revenge on Aquaman for the death of his father. This time, the villain is wielding an ancient weapon - the Black Trident - which has been hidden in the ice for centuries. With this new power, the enemy tries to destroy the superhero. Instead, Aquaman turns to his brother Orm, the former king of Atlantis, from whom the protagonist once took the throne. The brothers have to find a common language, otherwise the whole world will end.

An amazing journey of funny birds in Migration

Migration is a new film by Illumination, the company that brought us the funny yellow henchmen and their master Gru in the Despicable Me films, as well as the fascinating stories of animals in Sing and The Secret Life of Pets. The cartoon will tell the story of the adventures of a family of birds who decided to change their feathered life.

A new look at the history of the past will be revealed in Journey to Bethlehem

The movie tells one of the greatest stories of the birth of Jesus Christ. Immerse yourself in a family musical adventure that combines classic Christmas motifs with humor and stunning hits!

Unexpected facts from the biography of the famous personality in Ferrari

In the summer of 1957, a former race car driver named Enzo Ferrari faced a crisis. The company he had founded with his wife a decade earlier was facing bankruptcy. It disturbed the couple: they lose their only son and legitimate heir, and then recognize Enzo's illegitimate child. In order to save the family business, Ferrari decides to take a chance and bet everything on the Mille Miglia, an iconic 1000-mile race across Italy.

Umbrella Sky will tell you about the famous Ukrainian Mountains

The movie tells the story of a young Italian man, Michele, who is forced to go to a small village in the Carpathians. To the protagonist's surprise, it turns out that he has a grandfather there. The first meeting of the relatives went far from going according to plan because the relationship between the grandson and the grandfather turns into a battle between two generations.

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