What to give a husband for his birthday: top 10 options that will surprise you

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A loved one's birthday is a special occasion for which you want to prepare as best you can. When choosing a gift, you should take into account the individual needs and hobbies of the birthday person. Consider age and interests, or choose a universal gift that will be useful and practical.

You don't have to choose expensive things, the main thing is that the gift is from the heart. OBOZ.UA has collected the best gift ideas for men.

Gaming equipment and accessories

If your man loves online games, gaming equipment or accessories will be a great gift. For example, a game console, a new keyboard, a high-quality mouse, a camera, a stand, an adapter, virtual reality glasses, etc. will be useful for avid gamers.

Tool sets

Almost every man can assemble furniture, fix appliances, or hang a shelf at home. A universal gift is a set of tools. You can choose from a standard set, as well as construction, locksmith, and other types of tools.

Grill or barbecue

What could be better than a family weekend outdoors? And what could be tastier than dishes cooked on the grill? Give your husband a grill or barbecue. The man will be happy to cook delicious meat, flavorful fish, or grilled vegetables outdoors, and as a bonus, he will have the opportunity to go on picnics with family and friends more often. A large selection of models will allow you to choose an option for any requirements and needs: these can be gas devices, wood or charcoal options, portable devices, stationary models, or folding products that differ in size or shape. Sometimes portable devices come with bags or covers, which can be purchased separately as gifts.


Perfume is always a relevant gift, it emphasizes your attention and love. Choose an option according to your loved one's preferences – it can be woody, spicy, leather, citrus, fougere, or amber scents.

Charging station

A portable charging station will be a truly indispensable device in modern realities. With the help of such equipment, you can charge various devices: phones, flashlights, and laptops. When choosing a model, it is important to carefully study the characteristics and features of the products. It is better to give preference to models with high power, reinforced construction, and auxiliary functions. The more connectors you have, the more devices you can charge at once.

Power bank

A regular power bank will also be useful in times of power outages. With the help of a portable external battery, you can recharge your cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc. There are also power banks with improved features: shockproof, waterproof, in a metal case, with fast or wireless charging. It's best to buy a case for your power bank right away to protect your device from external damage and extend its service life.

Backpack or bag

You can buy a tactical or hiking backpack for a military man. An ordinary bag for storing documents will also be a good gift option. Pay attention to the strength and durability of the materials, ease of use, capacity, number of compartments, and accessories.

Tactical accessories

This section includes the following options:

  • sports glasses with interchangeable lenses and durable frames;
  • a watch in a shockproof or waterproof case, equipped with a compass, solar panel, pedometer, heart rate monitor, etc;
  • flask or thermos.

Cell phone or accessories

A cell phone is always a useful and versatile gift. If you have a limited budget, buy a high-quality case, for example. It is better to pay attention to models with moisture and shock protection.

Gifts for hobbies

If your man has a creative hobby, please him with an interesting themed gift. It can be an easel and paints, an interesting book, a set of vinyl records, a musical instrument, etc. – it all depends on the birthday boy's preferences.

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