What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions

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What to do in winter

Not everyone can enjoy the cold season. Many tourists run away from snowy places in search of the sun and beaches. And not because they don't like winter, but because they don't know how and what to do during this period. Snowball fights, snowman building, sledding, skating, skiing and snowboarding get boring quickly. And such activities cannot be exciting year after year. They become ordinary.

However, there are many non-trivial fun activities that will be remembered for a long time. What are these fun activities? Let's find out!

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions


This is a type of kitesurfing where you slide on a snow or ice surface. Competitions began relatively recently: in the 70s of the last century. At the moment, the sport is not so well known among the population. But it has every chance of becoming official and being included in the Olympic list.

This is a very dynamic type of leisure, the essence of which is to follow a kite. More experienced fans of this activity can do tricks, overcome jumps and climb low hills.

Snowkiting is not only for professional athletes. Even children can do it. All you need to do is find out where there are sites for this unusual entertainment and go to the location. You do not need to have any equipment as everything is provided on the spot.

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions

Belly rides

The name speaks for itself. Yes, you got it right: you use your own stomach instead of transportation. This winter fun was invented not somewhere abroad but in Ukraine. That's why you don't have to fly far.

You slide without clothes, just in a swimsuit or underwear. You need to accelerate well, fall smoothly on your belly, but in such a way that you don't hurt yourself, and fly across the ice arena. Whoever covers the longest distance wins.

Snow tubing

Almost all of us went sledding down the mountain as children. And when they were not at hand, we went down on a school bag, cardboard or even a notebook. This sport is from the same sphere, but you need to go down on a tool that resembles a car camera.

There are even special tracks for this entertainment; ordinary ones won't do. You can conquer the slopes on your own or climb on the tubing with your friends and go down together. It's even more fun.

By the way, snow tubing is considered safe compared to other leisure activities. It can't hurt you, and you don't need to learn how to slide on snowballs.

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions


The game originated in Scandinavia. And it is not surprising because snow is not a rare occurrence there. The idea is this: you need to ski behind a horse, dog, or any vehicle. Of course, overcoming various obstacles and jumps.

In addition to standing on narrow planks, a person has to control the animal running in front of them. It is not an easy task, but it is very interesting and fun.

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions


An alternative to hockey, but instead of sticks, players use ordinary brooms. Yes, you will definitely find them in every home or in any store.

If you are now thinking that this is an activity for crazy people, you are very wrong. Professional competitions are held all over the world. It was invented by Canadians back in 1901.

The rules are simple: you need to score as many goals as possible. The team must have a goalkeeper, strikers, and defenders. Usually, 12 people take part in the game: six on one side and six on the other. The number of participants can vary.


Those who like hiking in the mountains should try this sport. It is almost no different from walking on skis. Of course, snowshoes do not slip, but they allow you to move through deep snow without falling.

Although this kind of leisure involves active movement, you still need to dress warmly. The main thing is not to pull on layers of clothing because it will be quite uncomfortable. In general, it is better to buy thermal underwear. It will keep you warm and dry quickly if you get sweaty.

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions


Bicycle fans are very lucky. They can enjoy riding even in winter. However, not on ordinary two-wheeled "horses" but on those that can easily climb a snowy mountain and perfectly ride on a slippery road.

Such a bike weighs from 3 to 7 kilograms. This means only one thing: even children can ride it. They are really easy to ride.

What to do abroad in winter: 8 best unusual attractions

Zorb down the snowy slopes

Going down from the top in a giant transparent balloon: what could be more fun? All you have to do is listen to the instructor and then enjoy the extreme descent. An adrenaline rush is guaranteed!

Don't worry, you'll be photographed before the flight.

Winter is a wonderful time of year. So if you're tired of the same type of resort and entertainment, just choose something new this time. There are enough options for the entire winter vacation.

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