What things you shouldn't buy in a second-hand store: the consequences will unpleasantly surprise you

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Buying second-hand items is good and right, but not all of them. Source: Created with the help of AI

Buying second-hand items is a good practice, no matter how you look at it. It's a rational use of resources, an opportunity to find something really stylish, and significant savings, after all.

But doctors warn that not everything can be bought in a second-hand store. Some used items can pose a serious danger. OBOZ.UA tells you which shelves to avoid when you visit a second-hand store.


The microflora of our body is a very individual thing. Sometimes problems can arise simply because of the reaction of two absolutely healthy balanced microflora during mutual contact. That's why you shouldn't buy anything that comes into contact with sensitive areas of the body in second-hand stores. First of all, we are talking about underwear, bras, tights, socks, stockings, and swimwear.

Experts disagree about thermal underwear. On the one hand, it refers to underwear, on the other hand, it is usually not worn on a completely naked body. In any case, worn thermal underwear may have micro-stretch marks that will affect its effectiveness. So make your decision carefully.


Although the scalp is not as sensitive as intimate areas, it can still have its own problems. The hair may contain fungus, which causes dandruff, or parasites such as lice and nits. Therefore, buying second-hand hats and caps may not be a safe move.


During training, sportswear absorbs a lot of sweat, so it can be very difficult to wash it. Even a new item can be difficult to remove the odor after one workout. What can we say about used sportswear?

Woolen knitwear

The porous structure of natural wool requires a delicate approach to care. Such items are washed with special products at low temperatures and dried accordingly. In a second-hand store, sweaters and cardigans are unlikely to receive such attention. Therefore, they can be bought only to be unwrapped and knitted into something new.

Soft toys

It is not easy to wash soft toys to get rid of dust, dust mites, and sometimes bedbugs. This is because parasites can live deep inside the object. And the chemicals used to disinfect used items act only superficially. By the way, these same chemicals can cause an allergic reaction in new toy owners. Therefore, you should be very careful when making such purchases.

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