What phrase you should not say in a foreign country: pay attention to this nuance

Yulia PoteriankoNews
In 20 years of traveling the world, Samantha Brown has identified the phrase that annoys locals the most

When we are abroad, we always count on the friendliness and help of the locals. But their friendliness can be destroyed with just one phrase.

This was shared by American travel show host Samantha Brown, according to The Sun. The woman, who has traveled the world several times in more than 20 years, gave advice on phrases that will be very useful wherever you go.

According to Brown, oddly enough, the "bad" phrase is "Do you speak English?". Her extensive travel experience has taught her that these words are often perceived as a challenge or an insult. And you shouldn't expect any friendliness after it. Most likely, you will get a "no" answer in the local language.

For her part, the TV presenter advised everyone traveling abroad to learn just three phrases in the language of the country you are going to. These are polite phrases like:

  • good afternoon
  • please
  • thank you

Brown noted that you will pronounce them with an accent anyway. That's why locals will recognize a foreigner by the mere greeting and will immediately treat you with friendliness and a great desire to help.

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