What not to give men for the New Year: unsuccessful options

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A gift from this list is unlikely to please your loved one

The gift-giving season continues, and we continue to look for presents that will delight our loved ones. Psychologists often suggest that those who are at a loss and can't make up their minds should go from the opposite. In the case of gift giving, this can be a list of things that will definitely not please a person.

OBOZ.UA decided to make such a list of bad gifts for men. In no case do not give anything from the list. Only if you are absolutely sure that the recipient dreams of this thing and will be happy to find it under the Christmas tree. This is the only exception.

A gym membership

If you want to hint to your lover, brother, or friend that he is not strong enough, give him a gym membership. But don't expect him to listen to your hint. Besides, such a gift is a kind of disrespect for a person's time. In order to use the membership, he will have to reconsider his schedule and squeeze in one more thing, which is not always possible. Therefore, discard this idea right away.


If you give a man who doesn't wear perfume a cologne, he's unlikely to change his mind and become a big fan of fragrances. If you give cologne to a man who loves perfume, there's a good chance you'll be wrong with the scent. So, if you don't know exactly what the recipient wants to see in the box with the bow, it's better not to take such a risk.


Yes, men also often love manual labor and enjoy making things, but you hardly know exactly what he needs for his next project. And popular multitools tend to just gather dust in the pantry and come in handy only once in a while when there's nothing else at hand. In addition, it can be read as a hint like "I'm still waiting for you to screw in a new shelf in the bathroom."

A tie

This gift can be really useful. But is it pleasant? Would you like to receive a reminder under the Christmas tree that you have to put on a suit and go to work on Monday? So.

Nose and ear hair trimmer

Men who had already received such a gift almost unanimously admitted that their first thought after opening the box was: "Is my hair really that bad?" If you don't want to evoke this reaction, think about something else.


Most men wear very little jewelry, if any. Usually it's a wedding ring and maybe a neck chain or bracelet. And they rarely change them. Therefore, there is a good chance that the jewelry you gave her will just lie on the shelf or be resold the next day. It will not bring joy.

Home decor

Men also like home comfort. And they are often happy to work on creating it themselves. But they are guided by their own taste and their ideas about beauty. Which most likely do not coincide with yours. Therefore, if your friend or loved one likes to decorate their home, limit yourself to a certificate to the appropriate store. Leave it up to them to choose.

Personalized souvenirs

Receiving a "Best Dad in the World" mug is very touching if the giftee is 5 years old. When a son or daughter presents something like this, you know for sure that it is sincere. Having no experience in choosing good gifts, a child simply takes something that fully reflects his or her feelings. In all other cases, such cups, aprons, T-shirts, pillows, figurines, etc. will only cause disappointment.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published the scientist's advice on how to choose the right gift so as not to disappoint the recipient.

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