What not to give for the New Year: a list of things that bring inconvenience

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A gift should be chosen so that it does not bring misfortune

You have very little time left to choose gifts for the New Year - the holiday is coming soon. So if you haven't bought something for your loved ones yet, it's time to hurry up. But in the heat of the moment, it's important not to buy something that will bring bad luck in the coming year.

OBOZREVATEL tells you what not to give under the Christmas tree and what will be a bad gift in the year of the black rabbit, which will be next.

Cosmetics and perfumes

Experts in oriental astrology say that anything with a strong odor is not suitable for giving during the Year of the Rabbit. So perfumes, scented candles and sticks, aroma diffusers, etc. should be saved for another holiday.

You should also not give cosmetics as a gift. Many manufacturers still test their products on animals, including rabbits, so such a gift can bring bad energy. If you want to pamper your loved ones with something cosmetic, limit yourself to a gift certificate to a suitable store. This gift will not bring negative energy.


Towels are still used in various rituals, from baptism to funerals. Therefore, such an important thing is considered a bad idea for a gift. In addition, these textiles are a symbol of the road, so they can bring separation. It's better to replace them with scarves and neck scarves.


This item is even more closely associated with magic and mysticism than a towel. It is believed that along with a mirror, you can give it to hostile otherworldly beings who will pass through it and harm the owner. If you want to protect a person from evil forces instead, give them a piece of jewelry that matches their zodiac sign or is a talisman in itself.

A watch

Watches tell time, so they symbolize the transience of life. This symbolism is especially strong on New Year's Eve and on a person's birthday. Therefore, instead of a wristwatch, it is better to give a fitness bracelet, for example. Yes, it also shows the time, but it has a completely different purpose.

Knives and scissors

Sharp objects are not a very good idea for a gift by themselves. And even less so in the year of such a gentle creature as a rabbit. Instead, plates are always considered a good gift. Especially if you fill them with something, such as grain. This way they will bring not only good luck but also prosperity.

Everything related to fire

The Year of the Black Rabbit will be dedicated to the element of water, and fire is its antagonist, so it's better not to give candles, lighters, or even barbecues, that is, anything related to open fire, this holiday. Replace fire with electric energy - give a power bank. This gift will be both relevant and will definitely not bring additional troubles to its owner.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you what not to do on New Year's Eve so as not to scare away good luck and financial success.

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