What not to do on Christmas Eve: traditional prohibitions

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Festive dinner

Christmas Eve is a special time. It has long been believed that miracles happen on Christmas Eve. According to beliefs, the heavens "descend" closest to the earth on this night, and the Star of Bethlehem lights the way.

Traditionally, twelve meatless dishes and kutia are prepared on Christmas Eve. Read about folk prohibitions and beliefs on Christmas Eve in the OBOZ.UA article.

Folk traditions and beliefs

December 24 is the last day of the Christmas fast, which is also popularly called Pylypivka. On this day, believers try to refrain from eating until the first star appears. In the evening, families gather around the table, and the hostess serves 12 meatless dishes and kutia. The number of meatless dishes is associated with the twelve apostles.

Christmas is an important Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, on Christmas Eve, you should avoid hard physical labor. Cooking and cleaning should be done in advance.

The main thing is that the holiday should be held in an atmosphere of peace, kindness and mutual understanding. It is important not to quarrel, avoid disputes, and spend the holiday in peace.

You should forgive your enemies and apologize to those whom you have offended.

People say that there should be an even number of people at the Christmas table. If the number is odd, you just need to put one extra plate.

There is a belief that on Christmas Eve you should wear something new, and if you don't have new clothes, you should wear white clothes.

On Christmas Eve, it is customary to light candles - they say that the flame will help to "attract" prosperity and good luck to the house.

There is an interesting tradition of "meeting" a star. According to legend, if you see a shooting star on Christmas Eve and make a wish, it will definitely come true.

What not to do on Christmas Eve

At the festive table, it is not customary to wash down food with plain water - only with uzvar.

It has long been said that you should not leave the table during Christmas dinner, let alone leave the house. According to the belief, you can let in evil spirits.

Girls and boys were not advised to sit at the corners of the table, so as not to be left without a mate.

Christmas Eve is a time of mercy and kindness. It is worth helping the needy and doing good deeds. It is said that on this day one should not be greedy.

It was not advised to quarrel on a big holiday, so as not to scare away good luck for the whole year.

You can't clean the apartment, do needlework, sew, knit, etc.

You should not sit at the festive table in dirty and dark clothes.

People say that if you celebrate Christmas with debts, you will have to live in debt all year.

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