What detergents are often used incorrectly: you'll be surprised

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Improper use of detergents greatly reduces their effectiveness and safety. Source: Created with the help of AI

Modern cleaning products make it much easier for us to clean and maintain our homes. But only if you use them correctly - mistakes in their use can lead to additional problems.

Home care experts have identified the most common mistakes in the use of household chemicals. OBOZ.UA tells about them in more detail.

Improper dilution of bleach

Chlorine bleach helps to deal with many problems - it not only discolors stains but also disinfects surfaces and kills fungi. However many people overuse it, which jeopardizes its effectiveness and safety. Another common mistake is diluting the product in hot water.

To make the bleach as effective as possible and safe for the surfaces and you, it should be diluted with cold water or water at room temperature. Also, be sure to follow the instructions for use. Remember to ventilate the room you are cleaning with chlorine. And always keep in mind that some things should never be cleaned with bleach. Surfaces such as wood, children's toys, and electronic devices can be easily damaged by such treatment.

Insufficiently thorough use of cleaning wipes

Cleaning wipes are often used incorrectly, especially when it comes to proper disinfection. You simply wipe the surface once and move on if it seems clean enough. However, this quick cleaning means that the surface dries out before the disinfectant has had a chance to work. Using such wipes requires a certain amount of contact time with the surface to kill germs and bacteria. So be sure to check the instructions.

Too much laundry detergent

The rule "more is better" does not apply to the use of laundry detergent. On the contrary, it leads to undesirable results when caring for clothes. If you go overboard with the detergent, too much foam will be created. This can impair the washing machine's ability to effectively wash and rinse clothes. Excessive detergent can also leave stubborn marks on the fabric and make the textiles stiff. Moreover, the doses recommended on the package may be slightly excessive - manufacturers do this to make you buy more. Try using about three quarters of the recommended dose. You will notice that the effectiveness of the product does not decrease.

Use all-purpose cleaners for everything

All-purpose cleaners are marketed as a kind of panacea that will take care of your entire home. Many people use it to clean everything from countertops to plumbing fixtures. However, such liquids and gels are not really suitable for some tasks. They're good for removing physical dirt, such as food stains, small debris, and grease marks. But universal products can't cope with disinfection. And even more so with mold. They can also leave stains on the glass. And for plumbing, you should choose something more powerful to remove soap scum, lime traces, and bacteria.

Excessive use of glass cleaners

Many people make the mistake of using too much glass cleaner, pouring it over windows and mirrors in the hope of achieving a dazzling shine. However, this only leads to stains and smudges. Therefore, before you start cleaning glass surfaces, read the instructions for the product - do not exceed the dosage and give preference to microfiber cloths for wiping the surface, because they will polish it well and will not leave behind lint.

Cross-contamination with sponges

Using one sponge to clean everything in the house is a huge mistake. This approach can be a real danger. After all, different bacteria live on the surface of the countertop and in the toilet bowl, which are better not to mix with each other. And the sponge has the ability to collect bacterial contamination and transfer it to another place if you do not take care of it properly.

That's why experts advise using different sponges for different areas of the house and cleaning them thoroughly on a regular basis. Once or twice a week, wash them in the dishwasher or put the soaked tools in the microwave for one minute. It is also important to dry the sponges thoroughly between uses and to replace them in time.

Using water on wooden surfaces

Often considered the easiest and most natural cleaning agent, water can cause major problems when used to care for natural wood. Excessive water can penetrate the pores of the wood, causing it to swell and eventually warp, leading to damage and costly repairs. All wood surfaces, including floors, should be cleaned with damp, not wet, cloths. Never allow puddles to form. And don't forget to apply protective agents, such as rubbing with oil.

Improper use of plumbing cleaners

Bathroom gels, powders, and liquids often require some time to work. And many people start rubbing the surfaces with them immediately after applying them. To correct this mistake, it is important to follow the instructions for use. Apply the product, distribute it evenly, and leave it on for the time recommended by the instructions on the package. Only then do the cleaning. And always rinse off the residue thoroughly.

Overuse of furniture polish

We rely on this product to get rid of dust. But too much of it can do more harm than good. Yes, perhaps a large amount of polish will give the surfaces a glossy shine. But it will be ineffective, and the furniture will form a sticky layer that will attract more dirt and dust. To avoid this, buy a microfiber dust cloth - it will clean surfaces better. And apply polish on it, not directly to the surface.

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