"We will not allow anyone to threaten us": Putin complained about the West and mentioned the "Special Military Operation" on May 9

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Putin speaks at a parade in Moscow. Source: Screenshot of the video

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin cynically compared World War II veterans to the invaders who are now fighting against Ukraine in a speech at the May 9 parade in Moscow. The Kremlin leader claimed that both of these generations showed "heroism."

The dictator also once again threatened the civilized world with Russian strategic forces that are on alert. Putin's speech on Red Square was broadcast by propagandistic Russian media.

Traditionally, the speech of Russia's chief war criminal consisted of unfounded accusations against the West and hints of readiness to use strategic nuclear weapons. Putin complained that Western countries were allegedly building "colonial policies on hypocrisy and lies."

"Revanchism, mockery of history, the desire to justify the current followers of the Nazis are part of the general policy of the Western elites to incite new regional conflicts, ethnic hatred, and to contain independent centers of world development," the war criminal said.

Once again, the dictator stated that Russia would not allow anyone to threaten it, but he himself threatened that the Russian strategic forces were always on alert. At the same time, the war criminal cynically lied that Russia, a terrorist country, was allegedly "doing everything to prevent a global clash."

In his address, Putin also mentioned the Russian invaders who invaded Ukraine, killed civilians and wiped out settlements. The dictator cynically compared the invaders to World War II veterans who fought back against the Nazis in the 1940s.

As a reminder, the terrorist country Russia has once again announced military exercises of non-strategic nuclear forces . The Russian Defense Ministry said that the events are being held on behalf of Vladimir Putin in order to improve the readiness of nuclear weapons to perform combat missions.

Earlier it became known that Russia blocked the UN Security Council resolution banning nuclear weapons in space. In fact, the world agreed on this many decades ago, when more than 130 countries signed the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, which prohibits any anti-satellite systems and nuclear weapons in space.

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