Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine

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The most beautiful locations near Ukraine

Being far away from home is good but being close is better. You do not believe that? Then read this article. Today we will tell you what interesting and unusual things you can see in the countries that are located next to our homeland.


Every Ukrainian knows this country. It hospitably and happily welcomes our countrymen. Its cities are filled with architectural masterpieces of different eras, which are impossible not to fall in love with at first sight. Old buildings coexist harmoniously with modern skyscrapers.

In our opinion, the country is very underestimated by tourists. The cities of Kraków, Gdańsk, and Warsaw are worth a look. In addition to attractions, there are natural places that are simply impossible to describe in words. You need to go there to see the beauty of the country with your own eyes.

First of all, you should go to the town of Wieliczka, where the oldest salt mine in Europe is located. The extraction of foodstuffs here began in the XIII century. Nowadays, the mine is not working as intended and the object is under UNESCO protection, but you can get inside. There are regular excursions. Take our word for it: there is a lot to see. The original equipment and machinery are still in place. Conferences, banquets, exhibitions of "white gold" products, restaurants, souvenirs, and a post office are held underground, where you can send a letter anywhere. But that's not all. There's even a sanatorium that treats asthma and upper respiratory diseases. You must admit that it is worth a visit at least for a day.

We also recommend that you do not miss the "winter capital of the country", Zakopane. The city got its second name because of several ski resorts. The bases are located at the foot of the Tatra Mountains and can boast of well-equipped slopes and hot springs.

Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine


Slovakia is another close neighbor of Ukraine, where many places are popular with European travelers. Ukrainians should not underestimate the beauty of these locations.

The country is famous for its incredible landscapes, thermal springs, and mysterious castles. In winter, you should definitely go here to go skiing or snowboarding. There are about 15 resorts here, so everyone can choose a vacation to their liking.

The most popular ski locations are Jasná, Tatranská Lomnica, Smokovec, Štrbské Pleso, Vrátna, Ždiar, Donovaly, Drienica, and Jezersko.

In winter, it is ideal to visit the Most SNP Bridge, which connects the two banks of the Danube. The bridge was built in the 70s of the last century. Its main feature is that not a single support is in the water, only on land. It also has an 85-meter tower with an observation deck and a restaurant on it. It is worth climbing the tower to get a bird's eye view of Bratislava. Do it in the evening, you won't regret it!

Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine


A country of contrasts and surprises. Wandering along its avenues and boulevards, you can immediately visit Switzerland, France, or the UK. Every corner of it has absorbed something from other European countries. But that doesn't mean that Hungary doesn't have its own individuality. In fact, there are many places that every traveler should visit.

Just like in Poland and Slovakia, you can conquer mountain slopes or soak in thermal springs in winter. But if you want to retire and experience different shades of culture, we recommend going to the atmospheric town of Szentendre, which is located on the Danube coast.

The place is little known among tourists, although it is only 20 kilometers from the capital. It is very cozy and comfortable. From the first seconds, the settlement fascinates with its narrow streets, small houses with red roofs and picturesque nature. If you're here, be sure to visit the Marzipan Museum, where all the exhibits are made from this popular and delicious dessert.

Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine


A country of fantastic landscapes, medieval castles, and incredibly beautiful settlements. The country, like Ukraine, is framed by the Carpathian mountain ranges and has access to the Black Sea. Thus, there is plenty to do in the snowy season.

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of this region is the mysterious Transylvania with the eerie castle of Count Dracula. Go to Sighişoara this winter. It is very atmospheric here. The city's paths are lined with colorful houses, and the center itself is protected by UNESCO. It's really beautiful here, so no wonder the organization included it in the World Heritage List.

The famous vampire's house stands on a hill not far away. The official name of the building is Bran Castle. The fortress was built back in the fourteenth century when it served as a defensive structure. But after the publication of Stoker's novel, the bastion began to be associated with the home of a bloodsucker.

We also recommend driving along the Transfăgărășan Highway, which has very long S-shaped turns that cross the southern Carpathians.

Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine


Our smallest neighbor, where tourism is only developing. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't travel to Moldova. On the contrary, it is better to become a pioneer and make sure that the country has many locations worth visiting at least once in your life.

Where to start your trip? Of course, with a tour of wine cellars. Yes, they are also open in winter. Even those who do not drink alcohol at all will be interested. Have a good rest before the walk because the underground gallery is 200 kilometers long. Of course, you can't go around it all, but the journey will still take several hours. Thus, be prepared for such a journey. By the way, more than 1.5 million bottles of locally produced wine are stored here, which can be tasted and purchased.

If you want to learn about the history of the region, we recommend visiting the National Museum, which is located in the former building of the Regional Lyceum. We warn you right away: it's better to set aside a whole day for the trip. There are more than 300 thousand exhibits that cannot be viewed quickly. There are old photographs, documents, household and art objects, as well as archaeological finds. There are a lot of the latter here. After all, many traces of several civilizations have been found on the territory of the state in the vicinity of the Orhei National Park.

Visiting neighbors: a trip to countries bordering Ukraine

Discover the culture of your neighbors by traveling to the countries bordering ours. Walk through exhibition halls, taste local dishes, and admire the scenery. Here, close to home, it's no worse than in Central Europe. Book tickets and see for yourself.

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