Ukrainians send greetings to the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the beach of occupied Berdiansk. A touching photo

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Ukrainians send greetings to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the beach of occupied Berdiansk

The Armed Forces of Ukraine can boast of successful results of the counteroffensive in several areas, and therefore residents of the temporarily occupied territories are fully prepared to meet the defenders with Ukrainian flags. In particular, the population of Berdiansk, Zaporizhzhia region, believes in a quick meeting with the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

On one of the beaches of the occupied city, local residents left a touching message for the Ukrainian military. The photo was posted on the Berdiansk News page on Instagram.

Ukrainians on the shore of the Azov Sea made shells with the phrase "Berdiansk is waiting for the Armed Forces of Ukraine".

Ukrainians send greetings to the Ukrainian Armed Forces from the beach of occupied Berdiansk. A touching photo

"It's scary when there is nothing to wait for," Erich Maria Remarque. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are already rushing to Berdiansk," the authors of the photo captioned the image.

As can be seen from the comments, the citizens are really hopeful that the Russian invaders will soon leave their territory in disgrace, and instead of the tricolor, a blue and yellow flag will fly on administrative buildings.

"We are waiting! Glory to Ukraine," users leave.

Earlier, residents of Berdiansk showed their attitude to the "Russian world" with only one finger - the middle one. Ukrainians ridiculed the Kremlin's thesis about "fraternal peoples" and supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

As OBOZREVATEL wrote earlier, Berdiansk residents shared new photos of the beaches where guests from all over Ukraine liked to relax. Weeds can be seen in place of the once-crowded beaches, and Russian military helicopters are flying over the heads of vacationers instead of parachutes.

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