Ukrainians aren't getting decent wages: people are dissatisfied with what employers offer

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Ukrainians do not want to pay good salaries
Ukrainians do not want to pay good salaries

The salaries offered by employers to Ukrainians are not satisfactory, and this is the main problem people face when looking for a job. In general, 41% of the survey participants are dissatisfied with the amounts offered.

According to a survey conducted by a major HR portal, most Ukrainians do not agree to lower their salary requirements, even if they face difficulties in finding a new job. This was stated by 62% of the survey participants.

At the same time, 15% of respondents are ready to lower their expectations by only 5%. Every tenth job seeker – by 6-15%. Only 5% of those who are ready to give up 16-25% of their salary.

Ukrainians do not want to reduce wage demands to get a job

Employers want to link salaries to performance

Employers themselves, it is noted, are trying to "maintain a balance of material and non-material motivation." And some are preparing to introduce a system of clearly linking salaries to actual performance.

"This will allow employees to influence their earnings, and we as a business to control the payroll. We also constantly analyze market salaries to keep our finger on the pulse of market conditions and prevent underestimation of our employees," said Liliia Melikian, HR Director at Vatag Group.

How many Ukrainians have had their salaries cut

At the same time, only 28% of Ukrainians reported that they now receive the same salary in full as before the full-scale war. The rest have seen changes, both upward and downward.

How many Ukrainians had their salaries cut

At the same time, 9% of respondents reported a 10-30% increase in salaries. In addition:

  • 7% received more money based on their performance;
  • 4% reported an increase of more than 40%;
  • 5% saw their salary increase only due to indexation;
  • 3% reported a 5% increase.

A salary reduction of 10-30% was reported by 12% of respondents. 8% reported receiving less than 50%.

Salaries decreased by 40-50% for 7% of respondents. The salaries of 3% of respondents decreased by 5%.

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